Manequim 635 (April 2012)

April’s Manequim showed up this week day, yay! There is a lot in this issue to love so here are some of my favourite picks this month:

Starting with a couple of cute separate collars, I”ve seen a few of these around, we get two different patterns and embellishment ideas. I kind of want to make one because they are just so sweet!

This months regular plus sized pattern is great too with a pleated skirt, love the colour and accessories.

This white dress (210) is gorgeous! Great detailing and the gold number is great too, it’s got an interesting dart and pleat detail, I’m not convinced on the silhouette for me but it is in a Manequim size 44 (approx. Burda 42).

This months designer section is Marc Jacobs and we get 4 patterns, a cute tie-front blouse (still haunting me, I better make one as soon as I sort my accommodation issues out!) in an even cuter sheer. A classic shirt with ruffle front in two lengths, or at least to me it looks like the shirt-dress pattern has just been shortened.

I also like the polka dot skirt, great fabric, and really nice detailing at the centre front and hem, I like that this month they have the items really mix-and-match with each other like a capsule wardrobe.

I think meia-estação is “half season” so I am guessing these items are transitional season pieces. I really like this jacket with removable hood and the colour-blocked dress is very on-trend and would look great with boots. I also like this next polka dot skirt with a pleated hem.

I was quite interested in this first dress in “Powerful Visual” from last months preview. It’s actually quite a simple blocked piece but with a very Mondo use of different fabrics. The wrap dress is good too, you can never have too many wrap dress patterns, and I like the scoop necked top too.

I don’t often show you the other sections of Manequim – Typically there are make up and fashion trends sections, some recipes and this month we have some home decorating ideas under “Renew you Home”.

I LOVE this clock! It looks like wall decals with a basic clock movement in the centre and I am so doing this when I get my dream sewing room set up, just you wait! I reckon I could stencil it and paint it on, ohh, I’m so excited!

I don’t have a preview for next months magazine yet, I seem to have received this magazine super early for a change (yay!) so hopefully it’ll be up on their site soon and I’ll post it later 🙂

Happy sewing! xx

8 thoughts on “Manequim 635 (April 2012)

  1. Nice! I quite like the red jacket and the skirt that goes with it. Also the shirt dress is pretty cool. I got the Lisette shirt dress pattern (it just looked nice…) cut it out and then got distracted by something shiny. This reminds me I should be doing something with it..

  2. This month’s cover wasn’t that exciting you know? Simple circle skirt and satin top, until I looked at the satin top’s pattern piece. Its really interesting in that it has one side seam. I am going to try that one in a knit rather than a satin because I want the drape to actually show. How weird that they made a drapey shirt in a non-drapey fabric! I’m also in love with the tie front blouse and the color block dress (if I can find the fabric to make it Mondo-licious)!

    • I saw that too, the yellow top is a really interesting pattern and I was really confused that they chose to tuck it in to the skirt when they styled for the shoot, I thought they would want to show off the drape on the side. I bet it would look amazing in a knit too.

      • For a cover look, maybe they thought the waist needed clear definition or something. Personally if I was the editor I would have picked the Mondo color-blocked dress because it is way more eye-catching. When I get to making it in a knit I’ll let you know how it goes. =)

  3. I got my issue yesterday too! I like the colour block dress, but I wasn’t overly inspired by anything else in my size (44). Perhaps I just need to actually make something from Manequim to get inspired!

    • I am definitely going to have to get on with learning how to size these patterns up or down because so many of my favourites are just one size too big or too small but occasionally we get lucky 🙂

  4. That tie front blouse is divine. Please make it so I can drool over yours (figuratively – literally drooling on it would of course be disgusting) haha 🙂

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