Ode to my sewing chair

Ah my old friend.

We’ve been through quite a lot haven’t we?

I still remember the day I chose you in Ikea. I think we’ve known each other for just over 4 years and it’s been a great journey.

I remember fondly that one screw out of four that always seemed to work it’s way loose. I’d find it on the floor (often with my bare feet) every other week or so and take up my screw driver to stick it back where it belonged. Even locktite couldn’t keep it in it’s place.

You weren’t the most ergonomic chair and your base developed that mysterious crack that is slowly getting worse.

When I couldn’t take your scratchy “wool” upholstery any longer I re-covered you in a beautiful Ikea canvas to match the ironing board so you’d feel pretty and loved.

Lately your seat cushion keeps coming off, I blame the ever increasing crack, so the time has come to say goodbye.

You see last week I did a terrible thing.

I entered a competition…and I won.

The prize?

A chair.

An amazing chair!

The New Zealand designed (and multi-award winning) Formway Be Chair!

In red!

It’s ok, don’t be sad, I’ll just scoot you over sideways as my spare for visitors and you’ll always have the ironing board for companionship.

Now, seriously, let me explain: My friend J and I went to the Zenith 1st birthday party last night.

The invite suggested that you use the actual invite (or up to three other pieces of paper) to make any item from their website and there were prizes for the best representations.

Amazing prizes.

So J and I thought, “Why not?!” and gave it a go.

Here are our chairs and the real chairs they are meant to look like:

J actually printed off a picture of real fabric and metal to make hers, it’s on the right and looks amazing!

I just chopped up my invite, going for a kind of cute caricature version.

We really didn’t expect to win anything but I got first and J got third place. It was a clean sweep for us and J is getting an amazing Buzzicube 3D, it’s so cute! You can sit on it, or put your feet up on it, so cool.

Ahh 🙂 Thanks for allowing me a bit of indulgence. I can’t wait to sew sitting on my new chair.


12 thoughts on “Ode to my sewing chair

  1. OOOhhh congrats! Those clever people at Formway are amazing! I used to work for them here in Sydney! We have two Formway chairs at home and my sewing chair is one of them. All other office chairs are is rubbish. I have been to known to bring my own chair to the office I work in!! They rock! What a great win.

    • Thanks 🙂 I know! I am a BIG Formway fan and I’ve loved this chair since my rep first showed it to me 🙂 It might be a bit serious for a sewing chair but I do also use my computer at home too. I’m not leaving it at work, someone else might claim it, hehe

    • Actually I better confess that photo is my last sewing room over in Perth, my current is a bit messy and partially packed right now, it’s in a bit of a sad state but I’ll get it back hopefully soon 🙂 Thanks xx

  2. wow! congratulations – it is a very impressive chair, but I’m glad you remain sensitive to the feelings of the ‘old’ one 🙂

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