BurdaStyle Magazine February 2012

You already know that I don’t subscribe to BurdaStyle magazine anymore. The last few issues have been much better but I don’t trust them enough to re-subscribe. Besides, I can buy single issues for NZD$13.00 each at Magnetix in the city.

I’ve been waiting for February to come into stock (they are about 2 months behind current but I don’t mind) and the other day it finally appeared so I snapped it up.

This is probably old news to most of you but here’s a reminder of what’s inside.

I bought this issue solely for the dress below. I am sure you are all familiar with it, it’s been EVERYWHERE on the internet, we all gushed and ohhed and ahhed when we saw the preview. They also did it in black and while it’s still an amazing dress the colour-blocked version is my favourite, it has birthday dress potential written all over it.

There is also a skirt version which I like too and this aqua and purple dress that utilises both sides of the fabric.

$13.00 for three patterns isn’t bad I guess and next month I’ll probably go and get the March issue as well.


17 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Magazine February 2012

  1. Hi, love your blog!
    Just thought i would let you know that I will be adding Burda Style magazine to my website http://www.patternpostie.co.nz in the next few days so if you can’t find a copy in the shops (or if you a are after back issues) it will be online. I also sell all the latest patterns from Vogue (incl $9 out-of-print styles), Burda, New Look, Simplicity & Kwik Sew. Thanks Bronwyn

  2. Hi, me too, I no longer subscribe to Burda. Alas, my favourite magazine (for the past eight years) no longer prints the sewing patterns in eight pages (A,B,C,D,E,F,G & H) as it used to.

    The 50 and so sewing patterns in the monthly issue are now given in four pages (A,B,C & D) and it is very unpleasant and time consuming to figure out the pattern in a forest of scrambled lines! It seems that it takes me longer to copy the patterns than to sew the garment itself!

    Alas, again, this is no way to encourage people to start sewing…

    • I completely agree with you! I opened up the pattern sheet to trace off that dress and almost fell over! It is actually worse than Manequim, so disappointing. I have decided to buy individual issues only if there is at least two patterns inside that I really LOVE.

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