(I’m still here) BurdaStyle March 2012

Oh hai *waves

I’m still here, just chilling and counting down the days until super-amazing-sewing-room-move-in-day…hehe

I picked up the March BurdaStyle a couple of weeks a go but I haven’t had a chance to scan it until today.

Just like with February I purchased March purely for one dress but there are a couple of other pieces I like too. Let’s start with the dress, I’m sure you’ve already guessed which one:

I saw a pattern very similar to this in one of my foreign sewing magazines aaaages ago and loved it but it wasn’t in my size and I wasn’t game enough to try resizing it, plus the instructions we incomprehensible so it went in the too hard basket.

Also in this issue I like this twist front skirt and the casual top and shorts next to it.

Two great jackets are next. Love the upstand collar and zipper on the blue jacket below and I’ve seen some amazing Chanel inspired versions all over the web of the pink one too.

This month also includes a wedding section. It looks like Burda have had a go at Pippa’s dress, a little slow on the uptake perhaps and not as good as the Style Arc version for sure but still quite an elegant dress.

I also like this wrap top and the second version of jacket 115 but this model FREAKS me out, especially on the right, I’m not sure what it is about her but am I the only one expecting her head to turn a full 360 degrees and smile back at me?!

The DIY Trend section is cute, I think those birds would look great graduating from bigger to smaller up the side of the dress as they “flew away”.

There are still a couple of lazy drafted items in this issue, reminding me not to give in and re-subscribe for another whole year.

This one in the wedding dress section (on the right) is particularly bad, they even admit in the description that you need invisible snaps at the back to “control the fullness”. I think what really happened is that they realised how terrible it looked at the photo shoot and tried to save it with those snaps. The close up photo does not help. Seriously, would you wear this to your wedding?

At first I thought they just tried to sneak it past me by presenting it along side the wedding version of my favourited twist front dress  but then I spotted the pink broderie anglaise version. I guess at least in cotton is drapes slightly better. I do like the overlay of the dress beside it but again, another oversized, shapeless sack.

And that’s it… I have a Manequim magazine to scan next so until then, happy sewing xx


4 thoughts on “(I’m still here) BurdaStyle March 2012

  1. Yeah I got stuck on the sack dresses too, but have managed to ignore them again since then. I like the twist dress too but wonder if my lack of boobage would make it fizzle on me. Not sure. Like it though. If I ever get through the trousers I wanna make the wrap top definitely. Very wearable and longer than the version I currently have in my pattern stash. And I have some lovely cotton-merino t’would work well in ….

  2. I have a tunic I bought that has that same twisted front. It is very flattering and comfortable and Ive always wondered if I could ‘reverse engineer’ it. Now I have an easier option, thanks for showing me and I can recommend this style.

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