Sewing as Art – Light Trail Dresses

How ridiculously amazing are these?!

They are “Light Trail Dresses” by Atton Conrad, a London-based advertising and art photographer.

It’s hard to pick a favourite but I think I love the one top right the most, or maybe the one below it…argh, I can’t decide! How about you?

You know what would be amazing? Having to translate these to real dresses. Very cool project.

I have long been a fan of photographic light painting but this takes it to a whole new level!

See more of Atton’s amazing photography on his website.

Want to see something else really cool?

This is my future sewing room!

Ignore the furniture, this image is from the real estate website, so we’ll call this a “before” image.


  • It’s north facing, so lot’s of natural light through that huge window
  • Double wardrobe to hide any UFOs 😉
  • It’s close to the kitchen for nourishing snacks when I am in a sewing frenzy (hah!)
  • It’s HUGE! I’ll be able to have my cutting/layout table set up again, finally!

Less than two weeks to go!


13 thoughts on “Sewing as Art – Light Trail Dresses

  1. Love your sewing room-those dress pics have been popping up round twitter/ FB usually with the comment-these chicks are actually nekkid under that XD Ah internet creepers, so entertaining and blank at the same time.

  2. Congratulations on the sewing room! I’m sooo jealous, LOL! And all those perks, includign a magick closet, oh my! My one piece of advice is, of course, to keep your fabrics and notions on the wall opposite the windows, for the light and the heat as it’s an outside wall only on that side, right? (My museum tecnician brain is always on, sadly).

    • Museum technical advice is always welcome 😉 I will keep my fabrics out of the direct light and away from that outside wall, I love my stash so appreciate the reminder to look after it xx

  3. Wow, that is a fantastic looking room. Might just make the wait worth it! Hope you have fun when you re-unite with your stash and machines 😉

    • Ohh I can’t wait to be re-united, what a great way to describe it. I went to our storage locker the other day to grab something and I did a big sigh when I spotted the boxes that say “sewing room” 😦 soon, soon… xx

    • Lot’s of room for sewing visitors! Hint, hint, next BSC trip, hehe. You should see the room hubby claimed for his “man cave”, this is nothing! Sewing machines take up so much less room than cars and bicycles 😉

  4. Great photos thank you for sharing them. Looking forward to seeing the after pictures of your sewing room

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