Patrones 316 (May 2012)

Patrones 316: I’m not going to use many words in this post, mostly because I’m just not feeling this issue. I also appear to have missed the previous issue #315, but magazines have arrived out of order before and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else post it yet, so no stress. I’ll admit I am wondering whether I should renew my subscription, I am considering swapping it back for La Mia Boutique but we’ll see.

I do kind of like these shorts above and the pants below, they look comfy.

The white top above is cute. Wow that skirt is way short and check out those shoes! The pink shorts are interesting but a bit puffy.

Below we have a whole spread devoted to jumpsuits/playsuits/overalls/onsies/rompers/[insert your preferred term here]. I’ve ruled out the first, third and fourth one immediately due to their extra hip and thigh width appendages. Personally my hips/thighs don’t need any extra help, thanks Patrones 😉 The pink looks like it is  two different sizes top and bottom and also has unfortunate draping going on in the inner thigh area. Hrmm…

From the plus section this skirt and top combo is nice.

I do like this skirt in the girls section, cute pleats and bonus points for pockets that become belt loops.

Next month is Holiday Special with comfortable and light weight shorts, blouses and dresses and “don’t forget the floral patterns and animal prints”. Ok 🙂


10 thoughts on “Patrones 316 (May 2012)

  1. I love pretty much all the pants in this issue and that ruffle collared top is awesome too. I’d pick up this issue with no qualms XD

    Re: Kollabora- it’s a crappy targeted advertising site. Nothing less, not much more. I’m pretty annoyed that they advertise themselves as an ‘online hub for creativity’ when every f*cking newsletter is 3/4ths advertising (buy this pattern!, buy this fabric!, buy this kit!) and 1/4ths totally non-targeted makes (check out this necklace that contributor xyz made! You can buy a kit to make the same! What? Why on earth would I do that??).
    I’ve selected sewing as my interest yet all the makes they send me are beading/ crochet related. Seriously, Kollabora hire a CS101 student to programme your targeted search! XP. And given the number of talented people they have contributing, the fact that their sewing focus is always on one of two or three usual big name blogs,-it’s just lazy. I’ve given up going there. It’s all ‘buy this, buy that’ and all those posts are from paid advertisers. I’m not putting up my makes to support their paid advertising-that’s nuts. Rant over.
    Wait-they also talk a lot of shit on Twitter XD

    • It hasn’t taken me long to come to that conclusion either! 🙂 Agree with pretty much everything you wrote. It’s a shame because I feel like BurdaStyle is heading that way too, the most recent changes have ruined the pattern store (can I find a free pattern?!) Argh, I used to love interacting on that site but now I can’t be bothered with the crappy forum software, constant website bugs, member concerns being ignored by the website admins, spam EVERYWHERE. I have more fun spending extra time looking at my favourite sewing blogs!

      • Agree with you 100%. XP Also with the whole ‘North American entries only’ requirement on every Burdastyle contest= X…..S
        That (apart from all the spam) is my biggest peeve. WTF I pay for patterns too-and Singer (and other brands that sponsor prizes on BS) exist in practically every country on earth – how can they justify calling it an online community when they only consider North American members fit for entering contests? XP

  2. I agree with you , I haven´t been felling the latest issues either… Patrones 315, Burda July, and Manequim 637 were all blaaaaah … I still hope things will be looking up with the next issues, because I think that magazines from the Northen Hemisphere are great for Fall Fashions- I usually love Burda August and Patrones Outoño(well , and the Winter issues as well) – whereas our (I mean the Brazilian Manequim here, hehehe) spring and summer fashions are USUALLY nicer… We´ll see… :/

    • I think sometimes the seasons here being different to the magazines that are arrviing can make me feel blah about an issue too but you are right, they have all hit a bit of a flat patch I think. Summer is my favourite season to sew for because I love dresses but winter fashion is fun too, all those lovely coats and I get to pull our my fun coloured tights and scarfs 😉

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  4. Oh I joined Kollabora just recently too. Not sure I quite get it yet, and no projects loaded yet either. Just ‘followed’ you though – whatever that means 😉 I don’t really ‘get’ the sew weekly either – I’ve tried on numerous occasions but something is not clicking for me…

  5. Its not a great issue. Made only capri pants 10.The wihte shirt (Choice by Comma) is nice, on the pink shorts (Pucci) I like the pattern of the cargo pockets.

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