Fabric shopping > cleaning

Just a quick post to say I’m still here, I’ve just been recovering because last weekend was MOVE DAY! Yay! Finally!

Originally it took just the two of us 5 truck loads and two days to move everything into storage but with the help of some awesome family members (Mechanical Bother-in-Law and Father-Who-Didn’t-Lift-Anything-Heavy-If-His-Wife-Asks) we managed to move everything out on Saturday in just 3 truck loads, phew!

Nerdy Husband and Mechanical Brother-in-Law seemed dismayed at the number of boxes labelled “Mel’s Room (Sewing)” or “Fabric” but Father-Who-Didn’t-Lift-Anything-Heavy-If-His-Wife-Asks knows his daughter well and just smiled.

I know you guys will understand 😉

I love our new house but unfortunately I haven’t had much time to enjoy it yet. Despite the previous owners paying a cleaner for the morning I still ended up spending most of the weekend cleaning the kitchen before I ran out of energy. So I have no future-sewing-room photos for you just yet. The problem is that my room is currently serving as wardrobe, dressing room and linen cupboard until I get a chance to thoroughly clean them too. There is only one word to describe their current state: feral.

The plan this weekend is more cleaning (sarcastic yay) so that I can get our clothing, linen and towels out of future-sewing-room. Then I can re-assemble my sewing table and shelves, which all had to be pulled apart to get them down the tiny hallway of our rental house, and then the fun really begins!

I better hurry up because my fabric shelves just got some new additions…

Excuse the wobbly cell phone photo – hands were full of fabric

50% off at Arthur Toye? Well if you insist… 😉

Green & white cotton/spandex for an experiment to recreate my favourite (and almost falling apart) workout top and 2 x 100% viscose prints

Some sort of knit with sparkly stripe, some suiting and a lace – because I really want to make a lace overlay dress! Possibly to combine with the suiting fabric beside it as a more work-appropriate version (?)

Lace detail

I am looking forward to sharing photos of my room with you as I set it up so watch this space next week when, hopefully, normal service resumes…

16 thoughts on “Fabric shopping > cleaning

  1. Good luck with everything, I hope your cleaning doesn’t take too long because I know how much fun it is setting up a new sewing room!

  2. The anticipation of your new sewing room must be frustrating, but I imagine it’s very exciting contemplating those boxes and your latest purchases. I love that ikat fabric so I am not going to click on the link…. don’t need any more fabric… .no no no !

  3. Oh, haha, I recognise that photo! I wasn’t sure who had sent me that text!! A bit painful to find a park in town in the middle of the day but probably worth the effort so will go tomorrow 🙂

  4. I know exactly how you feel. We’ve been in our place a month and I finally got the sewing space set up about a week ago! And now you tell me there’s a half price sale in Arthur Toye! ARGH! Not something I really wanted to know, but I might just have to walk the length of Lambton Quay tomorrow after work to check it out!! Although I do need some fabric for a special dress…

    • I know once my room is back to normal I’ll feel normal 🙂
      There’s some good stuff there, a lot of the bolts have already been reduced so you get a double discount! Some of my fabric was $25/m down to $15/m then half again at the checkout, yay for sales!

  5. My mouth dropped when I saw that fabric sale. I won’t be back in town till next week so I hope it is still on. Lovely fabric and I hope you enjoy your new home.

  6. Good lord! …. I need to know about another fabric sale like a hole in the head 😉 You have some nice pieces there though. Definitely some well earned motivation to get your sewing room sorted.
    Good luck with the rest of the cleaning and organising!

  7. Ohh I know your agony – I have moved many times and each time, although I cull a lot of stuff when packing, it takes for ever to get everything into its right spot in the new house. All the cleaning is such a pain, but it is really nice when it is done, and being your own home (and not a rental) helps a lot I think.

    • I’m probably being a bit impatient because we’ve really only been in the house 5 nights but I am looking forward to begin more settled, un-boxing and deciding where to put everything is kind of fun through. Plus you’re right, after all the cleaning is done at least I know it is really clean 🙂

  8. Wow, it’s so cool you have a mechanical brother-in-law. Mine are just the regular flesh and blood type.
    Seriously though, I love the ikat print rayon. Beautiful colours, although at first I thought your camera had done something bizarre with the focus.

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