BMVK Christmas in July SALE! + Sewing Room Planning

Wow, Vogue patterns for under $3.00?! That is seriously cheap! I’ll share my splurge with you guys a bit later but for now here is one pattern that went into my basket:

It is McCall’s 2718 Misses’ Fitting Shell by Palmer/Pletsch. I may not be sewing at the moment but I have been doing quite a bit of reading and I have decided it’s time I made myself a fitting shell. I’ve been meaning to for a while after reading the section in my Reader’s Digest Complete Guide Sewing (of which I now have two copies, the “new” one and an older one which I am looking forward to comparing when I unpack that particular box). I couldn’t decide what pattern to use as my base so at just $1.26 I figured I’d grab this one – apparently it also includes different bust sizes.

If you are not sure what I am on about: basically you make up a basic pattern, adjusting it to your perfect fit following diagrams that help you correct any problems. This shell then converts back to become your master pattern that you can then compare to any pattern you make in the future and helps you see where fitting issues may arise. You can then alter the tissue pattern to more closely resemble your master pattern and eliminate those problems immediately. It’s good for someone like me who doesn’t make a muslin for every project.

I have sort of relied on a tissue fit up until now and I do make a few standard pattern alterations to most of my patterns before I sew (FBA, lengthen the bodice, adjust for assumed slight sway back, waist comes in) but if I am completely honest my method is more “fly by the seat of my pants” than anything else! Luck has been on my side for quite a while but it would be nice to have a really good fitting shell to compare so that I can understand more technically what I am doing and achieve an even better fit every time. It shouldn’t take long to whip up but will be worth the effort so I am actually quite looking forward to this little project. Has anyone else tried to make a fitting shell or do you use one regularly in your sewing?

Now, lacking the ability to sew (because my sewing room now also contains our bed, don’t ask…!) doesn’t mean I can’t fantasise about sewing (as per above) or the set up of my new room.

I don’t want to sound like a skite* but this is the biggest room I’ve ever had for sewing so I can have a bit more fun with the set up. Here is a sneak peak at my first cut:

It is mostly to correct scale, although I did over-estimate my cutting table. I will have to trim my board down to remove a bit of damage to the short edge after being in storage under the house for 1 year, eck. This is not entirely a bad  thing, it’s still a pretty big surface and it means I can walk around three sides of it, something I’ve wished I could do ever since I got it. Other items have been dictated by power point locations and I may tweak this a bit more when I actually start placing items in the room. I can’t wait to give you guys a real life tour!

Ok, that’s it from me 🙂 Happy Monday! xx

*I had to look this up because I wasn’t sure of the spelling for a colloquial term I’ve grown up with but never had to write down before and since this blog is read by lots of international readers I thought I should also clarify: Skite is used in Australian and New Zealand slang and means to boast. Unlike the Scottish/Irish use which, according to the internet, means to have a heavy drinking session! Perhaps when I am drowning in fitting shell confusion I’ll have to look into the Irish use of the word 😉


8 thoughts on “BMVK Christmas in July SALE! + Sewing Room Planning

  1. I’ll be following your fitting shell progress with interest as well! I’ve been meaning to do one for ages because it seems like the logical way to approach pattern alterations, but when it comes down to it I can just never convince myself to spend time on a fitting shell instead of making something I’ll actually wear!

    • Haha, that is exactly why I’ve been avoiding it! 🙂 I am selfish with my sewing time so when I get some I want it to be productive so I’ll end up with something amazing to share and show off…but I’m going to make myself do it and make it a fun exercise so that hopefully I end up with another great sewing “tool” that will make my future sewing time even more productive.

  2. Oh don’t worry the bed won’t be there forever, right? Can’t possibly be cos there wouldn’t be room for the Most Important Things, as illustrated in your drawing.

    Can’t believe I have managed to resist the sale until now. Oh well, that’s going to change shortly :o))

  3. Love your sewing room layout. Wish I had a cutting table like that, but for now the dining table will have to do. I will be following your fitting journey with the shell pattern with interest. I have recently bought the same and was planning to make a copy of myself as per ‘Gorgeous Things’ Blog’ (they are not yet finished) put it on my dress form and pad it out where needed. I hope it will work as it would help me so much with fitting issues I have. Fingers crossed!

    • Thanks, I can’t wait to get started 🙂 I will definitely share my progress with you all when I start the fitting shell experiment. I just had a thought that it will also really help me out with grading my Manequim patterns too! I wonder if a fitting shell dress could count as this year’s birthday dress? Or maybe that’s a bit too lame 😉 hehe

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