Hey that looks familiar!

I love spotting fabric I have purchased made up as RTW clothing!

First, let’s have a reminder of the fabric. It’s the slightly-psychedelic-is-that-photo-even-in-focus? ikat style print.

On Friday I spotted this little baby in the Wellington Women magazine (Winter 2012):

This dress is from Madame Fancy Pants and is called the Leah Dress. MFP is in Cuba Street right here in Wellington so it’s not such a huge surprise to see a fabric I bought in Wellington made up as a dress by an independent clothing store.

It’s not the style I envisioned for this fabric and I would definitely have centred the print (of course I don’t have to worry about wastage over multiple dresses!) but it’s fun to see someone elses take on using a fabric.

Have you ever spotted a fabric you’ve purchased in a magazine or in a shop already made up as a RTW item?

Did it change how you were going to use the fabric?


14 thoughts on “Hey that looks familiar!

  1. This summer in a german cataloge, a linnen bloeze print for 75 euro and the fabric was 25 euro.
    When I buy fabric at Dries van Noten stocksale, I make the same sort of garment.

  2. Love your fabric choice, it’s simply beautiful. I have seen some RTW, I think it was a top, and also a dress that someone was wearing. I just enjoying knowing that my version will fit me better than any RTW….and that I too would center than pretty fabric correctly.

    • So true! Fit really makes it, I dread trying on RTW now, having to grab 3 different sizes to take to the fitting room and knowing that I’ll just be disappointed by the fit anyway. Yay for sewing 🙂

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