My nomination for Most Amazing Fabric Award

Last night I actually dreamt about sewing, I stitched up this amazing dress in under an hour (ha!) and it fitted perfectly even though I didn’t seem to use a pattern or try it on at any stage (double ha!). It must be a sign that I have finally gone crazy from lack of sewing because this weekend…there may be sewing room pics…but don’t hold you breath, I’ll do that for us since you are all probably sick of me babbling on about this imaginary room 😉

Right, on to the fabric: I think I may have just bought the most amazing fabric. In. The. World!

Ok, maybe you disagree with me, we are all entitled to our opinions but seriously, this has to be right up there though, no?

I found this, of all places, in Spotlight, it’s a medium weight cotton drill and I should have included something in this image for scale, oops. The envelope patterns are about the size of, well, real envelope patterns.

I was meant to be looking at curtains (which, contrary to nerdy husbands assertions, does not count as sewing!) but I saw this first and carried the bolt all over the shop for about 20 minutes until I was ready just in case someone else saw it. This is not uncommon for me, I often carry several bolts all over a store until I am ready to purchase, it’s my mulling time. I’m sure I drive the shop assistants crazy because I usually decline their offer to place them on the counter even though I am usually just one bolt away from dangerously overloading my poor arms.

It’s my fabric, mine 😉

So many possibilities but right now I am thinking of using it for the long overdue sewing machine carry bag for my Elna (which will be a direct rip off of my Bernina overlocker bag), but really that could change at any second! Of course it should be something sewing related though.

Tell me, what would you do with this amazing fabric?

Have you ever seen/purchased a fabric that should be nominated for the Most Amazing Fabric Award?


29 thoughts on “My nomination for Most Amazing Fabric Award

    • It can be overwhelming when you have an amazing fabric, it’s scary choosing the perfect use for it, I think that’s why my stash keeps growing, time to put my brave on 😉

  1. Curtains for your sewing room, of course. Although you will need lots more. But how inspiring to look up and see a different idea each time.

  2. That fabric is amazing!! I think I’d probably make a bag of some sort, probably for carrying fabric and sewing projects around. Or if you needed to cover a chair, it’d be great for that!

  3. This is probably a lame suggestion but I would love a skirt for my sewing table made of this fabric. What a way to cover up all the cords and junk. Also, it was pretty exciting to have Megan Nielsen at the Perth Burdastyle meet on Sunday too. I now have a copy of the Kelly Skirt pattern ready to sew if I ever get the time in between work and study.

    • I saw that and I was SOOOOO jealous! You girls are super lucky, her patterns are really cute, I can’t wait to see some of them up on the BSC blog. The girls are doing such a great job of running the club, it just gets better and better 🙂

      Your suggestion is definitely not lame and I thought about ironing board cover, or chair cover, or table skirt too but I kind of want to be able to take it out in public to show it off too 😉

  4. This is gorgeous fabric and it screams out to be made into a trench coat or a coat of some sort. Look forward to seeing the photos!


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