Buttons make me happy :)

I am feeling absolutely rubbish today BUT I got a fun little package to cheer me up* and help me forget that my joints feel like they have aged 40 years overnight.

I love deliveries!

After reading Melissa’s post I decided to take up her discount code offer and test out Lots of Buttons online shop too.

Cutely organised

I ordered these puppies on August 15th and my shipping was delayed a little bit due to one of my selections being out of stock but Boaz was quick to email me and offer some alternative options. I selected a replacement and as an apology I also received a credit which was unexpected but really nice.

I received my shipping confirmation email the following day and since today is the 27th that means they took 9 days to reach me. Pretty awesome I think and the postage was free since my order was (just) over $25. There was also a 10% off voucher included in the parcel, with no expiry date, yay!

‘Rebbeca’ wooden buttons and my substitute for the ‘Yaeko’ chalk button (I actually like them more than my first choice!)

For scale I have included a NZ 50c coin which measures close to 25mm or 1 inch across. If you are interested it shows Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour sailing past Mount Taranaki (aka Mount Egmont), Captain Cook was the first Briton to reach NZ in 1769. The 50c coin used to be 32mm across but all our silver coins were re-sized in 2006 and the 5c coin was deleted. Can you imagine the logistics of all that? All those vending machines, parking machines etc to change over? Sheesh! But hey, at least our gold coins are the right way around, aye Australia?! Hehe, but you guys get style points for having a dodecagon shaped 50c coin.

‘Reyes’ and ‘Tom’ synthetics, shank attachment

Sorry about the reflective plastic crappy photos, but they look so cute all lined up that I can’t bear to open them just yet 🙂

‘Frederick’ wooden and ‘Dorinda’ resin buttons

So overall I am really happy with my purchases and with the excellent service I received from the Lots of Buttons team. This order was kind of random but when I next have a project that needs buttons I’ll be back for a more specific purchase.

*I should probably also give some credit to the bacon and egg bagel I am eating for lunch as I type this! 😉 Yummo


16 thoughts on “Buttons make me happy :)

  1. I’m looking at purchasing a new sewing machine after 30 years. I recently came across an Elna 2130 (which I notice is your weapon of choice) on sale for $300 at my local Spotlight store. The sales lady told me they’d only just rediscovered it in a corner of the store room. It seemed far sturdier than the other machines on display. It has been discontinued from manufacdture but I would still be eligible for a 5 year warranty from the date of sale. Do you recommend this machine or do you think I should look for a newer model? Any comments appreciated.

  2. ooh I love your choices, especially the last cut-out ones! I’m happy you were able to use my discount code, too – I’m totally using this shop again myself. I’m happy they’re geographically-independent, too – there’s nothing worse than shops that give free US shipping and then extortionate international shipping!

  3. I love your buttons! Thanks for the great resource too! I wish I had know about this a week ago – I was looking for some really specific buttons and while I did find something close to what I was looking for, this would have been a good place to start looking!

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