Sewing Studio Update

For the record, I’m not calling it a “sewing room” anymore, it is now my Sewing Studio – because I am a grown up, and because I can 😉

So just a couple of pics for you as an update: In order for the carpet men to do their carpety thing all the rooms had to be emptied. So this is what our dining room looked like for a couple of days:

Dining Room Mayhem

This photo was taken before the big set of drawers and our bed got moved in as well! I had our bedroom all set back up the night after the carpet went in but my studio had to wait until the weekend.

Here is a before photos as a reminder:


And a reminder of the after:

…after – SO MUCH BETTER!

The new carpet is super springy and lush and it looks (and smells) so good. It will be even better when the rest of the old carpet goes during summer and we get the floor boards sanded and sealed, it will be a gorgeous contrast.

So on Saturday morning Nerdy Husband announced he was sick of looking at Allied Pickfords boxes and today we were going to empty and flatten as many as we could.

We got to work and moved the rest of the furniture back. Nerdy husband cut off the damaged end of my layout board and we even got my table frame upstairs. As payback I did have to help build the huge nerdy computer desk but I quite like assembling furniture.

Don’t you guys worry about Nerdy Husband by the way, oh no, he has his own nerdy room plus his “workshop” downstairs that I have been instructed to call The Mannex.

Then I started on my sewing studio!

Here is a progress photo of me dealing to those pesky boxes at mid-day:

Despite my pathetic protests to the contrary, Nerdy Husband was correct, most of the boxes in the dining room were in fact mine 😉

Surprisingly I stuck 100% to my plan. This being the fourth iteration of my room I’ve learnt a thing or two about how I work and how I like things set up.

Space restrictions previously mean’t that I used to keep my fabric and books all together in my Ikea expedit shelving unit but now that I have more room I want to space my fabric out in the shelves and group it by content so it is easier to look through. This leaves no room for books so I decided I needed a new bookshelf. Cue up a trip to the shops on Sunday morning and then I was doing this:


Excluding hanging my pin boards, I was all done and very happy by Sunday evening, but it was a bit too late for photos so you’re going to have to wait for the official tour this weekend when there is better daylight 😉


11 thoughts on “Sewing Studio Update

  1. Oh my god, its happening so congrats for tomorrow (being The Weekend) on the almost-sewing studio. I do wonder how the hell you’ll decide what to sew first, once all the important sewing tools and notions and fabric and …. stuff is distributed properly in its new home.

    • Thanks 😀 I am almost overwhelmed by my fantasy list along side my must sew list (you know, mending, zipper repair, hemming jeans etc!) I can say that I did thread both machines this weekend the correct colour to finish of a WIP that I FINALLY found hiding in a box! I’m just going to start sewing a see what I get done 😉

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