When husbands come fabric shopping…

On Saturday there was an unplanned day trip to Palmerston North. Due to an apparent miscommunication (which was not in my opinion but that’s another story) there was required 3 hours of time killing after we arrived. This involved lunch, a trip to a botanic garden, browsing at a bicycle store (Nerdy Husband’s choice) and finally, of course, a fabric store, because that would only be fair.

By then we were both bored and distracted and wanting to get on with the reason for our day-trip. After a 2-hour drive that he does at least once a week for work anyway, Nerdy Husband didn’t feel like sitting in the car as per usual. He dutifully followed me through the forest of fabric bolts at Moreland’s occasionally commenting helpfully on the items I draped over myself.

Despite the bright pink “sale” signs I didn’t really see anything worth buying, the mood just wasn’t there.

Down the back of the shop are more bolts stacked flat in shelving, they require a bit more digging and effort so I passed them by.

Then, from over my shoulder, I heard Nerdy Husband decisively announce, “You should make me a rugby jersey!”

I turned around to find him enthusiastically digging through a pile of stripey bolts labelled “Rugby Jersey” Knit.

I wandered back to help and here is his final selection:

100% Cotton “Rugby Jersey” Knit – NZD$12.99/m

There were quite a few colour & stripe options to choose from, mostly North Island colour combos, and the astute Kiwi readers will note that his choice is not very “Wellington”.

No, it is not.

Nerdy Husband partly grew up in Auckland and that’s where he played rugby as a boy. Therefore he still possesses some affiliation for the Blue & White (usually when the Hurricanes or Lions are playing poorly), but I love him and therefore I forgive him the occasional rugby loyalty indiscretion.

Nerdy husband rarely asks for something so directly (including finding his own fabric) so I usually push his projects up the queue. His last request is currently drying after being pre-washed, some black merino, to become a warm light-weight pullover for wearing under his riding clothes. Have you seen how much those things cost in the shops? Ridiculous! And that’s if you can find them in your size! So I grabbed a couple of meters from Global Fabrics during their last sale. I should be able to get a long sleeved version out of about $15 worth of high quality NZ merino. It’ll be a quick project, slotted in between my own sewing, and then I can consider how to tackle a “rugby jersey”

See what I did there? 😉

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9 thoughts on “When husbands come fabric shopping…

  1. Just read and loved your post on the Ikea skirt! Then read this post out to my husband (an Aussie named Steve). He is still taking offense that you call your husband Nerdy- Steve said “He sounds like a good bloke apart from his choice in rugby teams”. We live in Melbourne and I am thankful that he likes rugby at all – he supports the Rebels now and I am a die hard Crusaders fan. He stays at home when I go fabric shopping and for that I will be eternally grateful 😉

    • Haha 🙂 Your comment gave me a good laugh, please assure Steve that Nerdy Husband is quite comfortable in his nerdyness and I use it more as a compliment for him – it comes in very handy too 😉 Boo the Rebels, just kidding, after living in Perth (Aussie Rules mad) for 6 years I love all true rugby supporters. Thanks for checking out my skirt too, it’s great to have you reading xx

  2. I don’t have a husband (nerdy or otherwise) to deal with, but whenever I take my sister with me when I go fabric shopping I always seem to end up with at least 2 extra projects on my sewing list – for her! Ah, well, at least you have an awesome room to sew them in!

  3. I have been looking for cotton Rugby jersey for ages! All my son wants to wear are rubgy shirts with a collar. How fortunate for my wallet that there appears to be no website for this shop, just yellow pages ads. (Your blog was result number 3 for ” Moreland fabric” by the way.
    Not to enable you (smirk), but Michael’s Fabrics (Baltimore USA ) has the best, and least expensive cotton shirting I have found, even with their not- entirely- the- cheapest postage to Australia. My husband is always asking for work (dress) shirts. He gets them very rarely, so that he remains suitably appreciative 😉

    • “Suitably appreciative” I like that!

      No website for them you are right, although I think they should start paying me royalties (in fabric of course) if I am Google result #3!

      The Michael’s website looks dangerous, still deciding if I should show Hubby, maybe after the rugby jersey (and a few items for me) are completed 😉

  4. Thankfully my hubby does not come fabric shopping with me, but he is also requesting dress shirts at the moment. I have so far tried two different patterns in the quest for his perfect shirt, but I agree the fabric hunting is the hard part. I am thinking to get fabric shipped from the UK (via helpful brother-in-law) if I can’t come up with something soon!

    • “Dress shirt” that’s the term I was after, I shouldn’t say “work” shirts because he has those too, for field work, they definitely don’t have French cuffs! Men are so under catered for in both patterns and fabrics. I’d love to know what patterns you have tried for hubby and what you/he thought of them 🙂

  5. I can’t seem to get thru the stores without the husband waving some bizarre print at me and cooing about ‘what a great hawaiian shirt this would make…’ What is up with them- don’t they know this is OUR TIME?

    • Ah yes, Nerdy Hubby went through the Hawaiian shirt phase too, I’m glad it’s out of his system! His current obsession is work shirts but he loves the French cuff type and the rtw ones are not in colours he likes so the hunt is on for the right kind of shirt material in a pattern he can’t describe to me but will know when he sees it, haha

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