Manequim 640 (September 2012)

There was a little bit of sewing on the weekend but I have to admit, we had such a beautiful weekend here in Wellington, instead of photographing my Simplicity skirt to share with you I went outside and got dirty in my garden instead!

Stage One of my Edible Garden has begun and I’ll share a bit of that with you later because I am sure there are a few of you who will be interested 🙂

For now I have a fantastic issue of Manequim to show you. I know I often say “this is an amazing issue” about Manequim but this issue really is amazing. I like so many items! After the disappointing last Patrones issue it really cheered me up.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a lookie shall we?

We start with four formal maternity dress patterns. I don’t have any experience with maternity sewing but Melissa of Fehr Trade points out an interesting observation regarding the hems on the pattern sheets, being straight they may not be a true maternity draft. Still, nice to see some glamorous gowns for mums-to-be.

I love all the dresses in the celebrity style section. Gorgeous colours and cut-outs and nice detailing.

Dress 400 is probably my absolute favourite, princess seamed bodice with seams that run down the skirt and little cap sleeves with detail at the hip to mimic them.

Marni is the designer section this month and we are back to just three patterns but Blusa 398 is a definite favourite and multi-sized.

In the sporty section I can’t stop looking at these shorts. They have a cute retro look about them and piping! Who doesn’t like piping?!

The jacket is also great and the dress (multi-sized) is interesting in it’s details- It has some ties at the back and what looked like some sort of partial wrap apron style skirt.

I had a closer look at the flat pattern and sort of tried to assemble it in my head.

Dress 390 pattern layout to fabric

So I think this is how it goes together, and it looks like just piece 11 is the wrap bit. You catch the inner edge of 11 in the side seam between the front skirt (8 & 9) and the back skirt (10/10a), then it has ties on the outer finished edge that you tie around the back, this pulls the upper part of the side seam around to the back creating a small fold at either side and cinching in the waist. I quite like it and have added it to the queue.

Front & Back assembly of Dress 390

I love the caption for the “Chic 24hour” section, “In the rush of the day, it is not difficult to maintain elegance all the time. Manequim reveals the tricks and practical pieces you have to have to be always beautiful”

All these pieces are great, two jackets, two skirts and a top!

I am a bit miffed that for this jacket with interesting shoulder detail they stuck the models arms in the air!

We had the usual plus sized pattern at the beginning of the issue:

And an entire section aimed at the petite (under 150cm tall) but I am not sure if these items are petite in sizing or just recommended as flattering to the shorter woman.

It’s too early in the month to get next month’s preview but I think this issue will keep me busy for a while! 😀


10 thoughts on “Manequim 640 (September 2012)

  1. Hi, I’ve just found your blog after seeing your Robson coat on Tasia’s blog. Its great to see some sewing bloggers in New Zealand! Where do you get your manequim magazines from? Do you subscribe or is there an agent in New Zealand?

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by, glad you found another NZ blogger 🙂

      I subscribed to my Manequim magazine through the Brazilian website, you can ask to subscribe by sending them a email, check out my magazine subscription page here: for the address and costs. I think it’s actually really cheap for such a great magazine, let me know if you have any troubles.

    • I am very proud of my little garden 😉 good to hear someone is interested, I’m keen to share something a bit different. I’ve noticed other sewing creatives tend to share similar additional hobbies/activities: cooking, running, gardening to name a few.

  2. Wow, this stuff is really nice, but I wish they’d put the amazing details on the plus size patterns. The blazer is very same old, same old, and the skirt is only going to flatter a few big girls. Sigh. I want that fancy sleeved jacket 384 in my size.
    The straight hem on the maternity pattern is correct. The extra length should be added at the top, over the bump, especially on empire waists. Otherwise the front skirt sticks out most unflatteringly. I learnt that the hard way 🙂

    • I just love there patterns, now I can finally sew again I’m going to be digging through my old issues for sure!

      The larger patterns always tend to get less details don’t they? Although I think Manequim do better than most…I guess you’ll have to learn to draft patterns or something 😉

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