True Story: Simplicity 2656

Oh my gosh! Actual sewing on a sewing blog! Oh yes, I’m back baby! 🙂

The following is a true story:

While waiting outside work at the end of the day for Nerdy Husband to pick me up a lady walking towards me on the street gave me big smile and began to veer my way.

I smiled back a little bit, how could I not?

Meanwhile, inside my head frantic thoughts are flying around:

Is she smiling at me? I think she is, oh, she’s definitely coming this way… Do I know her?

Oh no, am I supposed to know her?

Is she a client? Ummm, no, I don’t think so…

Property developer/owner? No.

Product rep? No.

Nerdy Husband’s work colleague’s wife’s best friend that I met at a function when I was a bit tipsy?


Uh oh, out of time, she’s too close now, you’ll have to just fake it…

Then she simply said, “I love your skirt!”

“Thanks”, I quickly stammered back with an even bigger smile, and she kept on walking past me.

Phew! Wait…what?

Did that really just happen?

That is so going on the blog!

Now I’m not usually one to gloat but when a complete stranger goes out of their way to compliment your clothing choice, it’s always nice. When that item also happens to be one made by you and being worn for the first time in public I think I’m allowed to feel a bit proud of myself.

The above happened quite a while ago, I feel like lately all I’ve been doing is constantly promising to get photos of my completed pieces. The story with this skirt is I loved it so much I was always wearing it and when I thought about photographing it was in the wash. Then I needed to repair the centre back seam under the zipper just as we were packing up to move and it went in to the too hard box, literally!

So finally, here are some photos of  Simplicity 2656, view A, in an Ikea canvas print from my stash.

Sudden thought: Maybe that nice lady was a seamstress too and recognised the Ikea canvas?

Anyway, I fell in love with this fabric about 2 years ago when I saw it used in a project on BurdaStyle and went straight out to buy some. I knew I wanted it to be a skirt but the right pattern didn’t show up for a while. So I left it to mature in the stash until I bought the Simplicity pattern just before Christmas as a download from

It is made up as per the instructions in a size 16 (even thought the size chart tells me I should cut an 18).


My only change was to make the inner facings and all the pocket pieces in a contrasting lightweight cotton since the canvas was too thick. I also omitted the interfacing at the waistband but I did stay-stitch it.

I did my best to match the centre back seam and it looked perfect until I had to have a second crack at the zipper which moved one side up by about half a millimetre. Still, I’m pretty happy that I even thought to try matching it at all and that I had enough fabric to do so.

This is a great a-line skirt pattern, flattering, nicely fitted at the waist and the pleat makes it super comfortable to wear plus it has pockets!  The best kind of pockets: Useful ones! The other envelope variations look good too so I highly recommend it.

I’ll leave you with some funny out-takes:

It’s been a while since I’ve used my remote for my camera so I forget what settings I liked to use, plus I think the batteries are dying as it took a bit of waving around and holding the mouth just right to get it to work 😉

16 thoughts on “True Story: Simplicity 2656

  1. Love the skirt. I have that same fabric sitting in my stash! It’s been sitting there neglected for years and tigerboy asks every month or two when I’m going to make something from it (he is crazy about birds, so for once he was actually encouraging me to buy the fabric).

  2. oh, what a lovely skirt! the fabric & the print work so well with the shape of the skirt. 🙂
    i also have one of the fabrics from the same Ikea series as the one you used here, but didn’t use it for something nearly as fun as what you did with yours! now i wish i had.

    something similar also happened to me some time ago, when a complete stranger suddenly complimented my self-sewn dress that i wore to public for the first time… and just like you, i wrote it on my blog, LOL. it’s just such a rare thing (especially in Finland), and i agree, it makes you feel quite proud of yourself. enjoy it & i’m sure you’ll always remember that moment whenever you wear the skirt!

    • I will remember it everytime I wear my skirt, you’re right, it’s the nicest random self esteem boost, especially knowing that they probably didn’t realise you made it yourself, which is even better 🙂 xx

  3. Isn’t it just the best feeling when someone notices, and likes, your sewing?! That skirt is very cool and looks great on you. I would have complimented you too. Great to see you back in action.

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