Sewing on a Saturday

It’s a good thing I had a super productive Saturday because on Sunday life conspired against me and I missed another Fabric Hoarders meet up 😦 That’s three in a row and it is becoming a very bad habit.

Dear Life,

Stop it.

That is all.

From Saturday’s efforts, some sewing for me:

I finally finished Simplicity 2364, view B, which I started before we started packing up to move.

I didn’t really have the energy to do a full photo shoot just for one top so I promise to take some photos of it on after I make another item to go with it.

I used to own a rtw top exactly like this pattern that I really liked. Unfortunately it was poorly made and stretched out to the point that it was 2 sizes too big for me. So when I saw this pattern I grabbed it quick.

My first version was in a black NZ merino (un-blogged) and I still wear it even though it has a couple of small holes in it now.

Merino is just so soft and comfy to wear! Seriously if you haven’t made anything out of merino yet and you see some BUY IT! I’ll give you bonus points if it is NZ Merino, the best kind, even though I am biased.

Coral really isn’t Scarlett’s best colour but it looks great on me

This is my second version and I used a coral coloured jersey with a silver metallic dot. I bought 2.0 meters from the Fabric Warehouse Pop Up Store in February, it set me back a huge $3/m.

This photo is intentionally blurry (ok, not really)

I want to make a third version from a dark grey merino in my stash but do you think I can find that pattern?


Seriously, I have turned my whole room upside down and nothing!

It’s just plain rude really.

Grrr…I complained to Nerdy Husband about it:

Me: Seriously, I have no idea where it is!

NH: Well, how much did it cost? Can you still buy it?

Me: (*sullenly) I suppose if I wait for a Simplicity sale on I could probably get it for $1.99

NH: Are you kidding? Then just buy a new one! (*walks away shaking head)

Me: (*muttering) It’s the principal…plus I already traced my size 😦

Yes, you read it here peeps: official permission to go pattern shopping has been obtained!

So I guess I’ll be buying a new one then…except that we all know patterns don’t like to travel alone so it will undoubtedly arrive with a few friends in tow 😉

Of course you know what will turn up after it does arrive don’t you?

After I finished my new top I stated on another. It was already cut and just needed stitching up.

According to my Evernote notebook I bought this fabric (“Traffic” interlock in “flame”) in December 2009 from Spotlight Innaloo (Perth) for $10.95/m, that’s some good stash-bustin’!

But then I ran out of grey thread and despite the strong memory of buying another spool in Spotlight here in Wellington it is also missing.

Do sewing items hide from you in your house too? Or is it just me?

Then I moved on to some requested Nerdy Husband sewing, it was great success, but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow 🙂

In gardening related news: I have seeds up! Yay! All my Pak Choi have sprouted in the mini green-house thing. Plus there are a couple of small spinach seeds peeking out and maybe one carrot in the garden…or it could be a weed, we’ll see 😉 Also there appears to be some disturbance on the beans side so perhaps there will be more spouting when I get home from work today.

13 thoughts on “Sewing on a Saturday

  1. I am having the worst time figuring out how to sew the back part of the “shrug” on to the front. I’ve basted and ripped it THREE times. Do you have any tips? Thanks in advance!

    • Are you talking about sewing the shoulder seam and the cowl neck part on the Vogue dress? The only tip I have is to make sure you only sew to the triangles as they say in the instructions. Make sure you mark those on carefully.

  2. love the top. coral is a really lovely colour.

    how exciting about the seeds! my beans grew SO FAST once they ‘broke ground’, it was so exciting! Keep us updated.

  3. We missed you on Sunday, damn that whole life getting in the way thing!

    Like your new top, and I’d be pleased with hubby’s suggestion to buy another pattern – that constitutes permission for all sewing related purchasing from here out in my book! 😉

    • Sigh, I know, I think next month I won’t rsvp until the last minute and see if that helps 😉

      Oh yes, full permission, because we all know that after you buy the pattern you need some fabric, then thread, and other notions… 😉

  4. Nice pattern!i like your dialog with Nerdy Husband%)) Somethimes i have pretty the same dialogs%) Also I like how you use Evernote, I do the same with my small stash too!^))))

  5. Really cute top! Me too, I keep on carrying sewing items all around the house and eventually one of them gets missing… Although now that you have a beautiful studio only for yourself that should happen less 😉 – just kidding, of course!

    All the best for your garden! Up here we are in full autumn and some work in the garden is also necessary.

    • Thanks, it’s so comfy to wear as well. Oh I am sure things will continue to hide from me, even in my super organised room, it’s the way of small sewing things isn’t it? The unpicker is the worst offender I think! 😉

  6. Hello! I found your blog through Modern Vintage Cupcake’s pattern pyramid post. I love that top. Really really nice. I’m with Mr NH on this. Buy another copy. Yeah! *happy to Enable other sewers in their art*

    Oh but I have to politely disagree about NZ merino wool being the best. Sorry, but Australian merino is 😛 I know. I knitted a jumper when I lived in NZ, didn’t finish the edging until I got back to Australia, using Australian wool to edge it. Ours is softer 😛
    *ducks and runs away grinning*
    (To be entirely fair, I’m not sure what kind of wool the NZ stuff was, might not have been merino).

    Anyway, nice to meet you!


    • Thanks, it’s really comfy to wear as well.

      Haha, there’s nothing like a bit of trans-Tasman rivalry to keep us sharp, hey? Either way merino trumps plain old wool any day 🙂

      Hey great to have you reading, I checked out your blog too I’ve added you to my reader. I have that same Simplicity pattern btw, I got it for the corset and one day I’ll get around to making it! 😉

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