A ‘Thank You’ Award

I was honoured to receive a blog award from Nikki, a fellow Wellington sewing blogger 🙂

This new blog award is a way to say a big thank you to the people who encourage you by commenting on your blog, it’s a great idea!

It’s pretty neat actually because just recently I have been trying to concentrate more on collecting interesting sewing blogs and doing my best to step up my commenting. I used to be a bit shy and lurk around my massive blog list. I relied almost solely on BurdaStyle for my on-line sewing interactions but I do that less and less now. Instead I have discovered I have much more fun interacting with all the blogs I follow, making comments if I like something or offering my humble opinion.

So thank you Nikki 🙂

For this blog award there is no requirement to do anything like list stuff about yourself, you just pass it on to the last nine bloggers to comment on your blog…well I’m going to cheat a little bit and choose the nine from my Birthday Dress Musings post (excluding those who have already been awarded) plus a couple of others because all of your comments were awesome and I really appreciated your opinions.

Thank you to:

Rachel of My Messings

Allison C

Sewing Elle

Jane’s Sew & Tell


Wendy of Sew Biased

Sewing Sveta

Zoe of ZoSews

Trish of Quiet Vintage Sewing

And a huge thank you to everyone else who has commented on any of my posts, let’s spread some more encouragement and sewing love around the blogosphere ❤

PS: I traced and cut a pattern on the weekend for the Birthday Dress but I am going to keep my choice a secret for just a bit longer, you are welcome to have a guess 😉 I am hoping to find the perfect fabric this week so I can start on the long weekend (Labour Day for us is this coming Monday, yay!)


6 thoughts on “A ‘Thank You’ Award

  1. Thanks!! I have been making a particular effort to comment more in the last few months, and even though my blog reading time is tight i think it’s worth it. I just think about how much I love to get comments myself.

  2. Oooh yay! Thank you for the award 🙂 I’m working on a birthday dress at the moment too. I’m blogstalking tonight – catching up on reading from the last week or so… gah, must keep up better!

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