The Craft & Textile Lover’s Guide to Wellington

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I picked up this pamphlet when I was in Made on Marion the other day. I was trying to find a digital link to share with all my Wellington readers and potential Wellington visitors but there doesn’t seem to be one online…so I scanned it in for you guys instead.

I’m pretty sure that’s OK, it’s available for free in several stores around town.

We have some great fabric and crafty shops and the more that know the merrier I think.

I’ve also made a list with a few others that aren’t on this map.




9 thoughts on “The Craft & Textile Lover’s Guide to Wellington

  1. Thanks so much. I’ll be visiting Wellington in early 2016 and will be spending on fabric too thanks to this! 😀

  2. This is brilliant. I had huge problems finding anywhere with good knitting supplies when I lived in Auckland. I ended up at a little shop in Westfield Downtown which was very uninspiring and had very little in the way of nice yarns or interesting patterns.

    • I think things are getting better though – before I left for Perth there were only two shops in Wgtn I could think of for fabric (other than dreaded Spotlight) but 6 years later I’m back, it took a bit of sleuthing (before I found this pamphlet) but it’s great here now. Our compact layout might help a bit 🙂 Not sure about Auckland…I’ll have to ask my Auckland-residing-occasionally-sewing-sister. How are the shops where you live now (England right?)?

      • Yes I’m back in England now. Having been bought up a Rowan girl I hoped to good yarn in Auckland but really struggled. London is great for both yarn and fabric shops a fortunately I am there during the week for for. At the weekends I’m in Suffolk which is a bit more difficult, but my friend has a lovely yarn shop about 40 minutes away and there are several quilting shops if I get really disparate for fabric!

  3. This is great! I wish I had it when I lived in Welly. I’ve just moved to Auckland and would love one for here. So big, so lost looking for what I need. sigh

    • A good excuse to come for a visit! Also aren’t AirNZ offering super cheap flight prices now?… except that you’ll probably need to pay for excess baggage on the way back 😉 Hehe

  4. Great minds! I picked up one of these t’other day in Made on Marion and was going to do exactly the same! You beat me to it. I’ve certainly found some more places to investigate! Did you know Global Fabrics have a summer knits sale on???

    • Great minds alright! Yes there are definitely some new ones on here for me to explore.

      I went to Fabrics Direct for the first time on Friday – I thought they were more upholstery & curtains but they had a sign outside advertising vintage dress fabrics…let’s just say I didn’t leave empty handed! It’s actually quite a good store – but you have to hunt for the dress fabrics, it’s all kind of mixed up.

      When I got back to work I saw the email from Global…oh dear 😉

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