#FMSphotoaday Week One & an award

November 1. Something beginning with ‘c’: Mmmm COFFEE on my way to work from the gym

November 2. Colour: Choosing fabric for my next sewing project – so pretty!

November 3. Breakfast: A cooked breakfast is a rare weekend treat in our house, yum!

November 4. TV: Watching some strange reality show about artists in the dark, so I could also see the neighbours fireworks out the window

November 5. 5 o’clock: Shutting down my work PC for home time at 5pm

November 6. A Favourite Thing: Wellington Harbour – one of my favourite places! Here workers are installing another new art piece, it is giant kina (sea urchin), Nga Kina by Michel Tuffery

November 7. Reflection: Buildings on The Terrace reflecting in PWC Tower

Now, on to the award: I feel a bit slack for not posting this earlier!

Aaages ago (ok, 20th of October, but the second half of this year has zoomed by so fast it feels like months ago), Melbourne sewing blogger Zoe awarded me The Lovely Blogger Award.

Go Team Sew Australia/New Zealand!

This blog award asks you to pass it on to 15 other bloggers and also share 7 things about yourself.

I have been so slow in posting about this that my favourite blogs were either already on Zoe’s list or have been awarded by subsequent passing ons so I’ll give that part a miss.

I did really enjoy reading everyone else’s random facts about themselves, it’s fun to learn more about our on-line “sewing” friends, we have such a close and helpful community.

So I thought I’d still  share the 7 random facts about myself, because it’ll be fun. Ready?

1. In college (high-school) I wanted to learn to play the saxophone but was convinced by the music teacher to learn the clarinet first. I eventually became 1st clarinet in the school concert band…I never got to learn the saxophone.

2. I love to mountain bike, like proper mountain bike. Single trail, cross country and I don’t mind myself a little bit of downhill. New Zealand has some amazing trails all over both islands. Here in Wellington we are lucky to be a very short drive from both Mt Victoria and Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park, both are awesome! I hope to get up to Rotorua over Christmas break and explore more of the Whakarewarewa forest.

3. There are 20 unfinished blogs in my drafts folder – hmmm, I should really finish some of those!

4. I speak REALLY fast – most people don’t understand me at first and I am always being asked to repeat myself. I inherited it from my father and I concentrate really really hard on slowing down always even though it sounds painfully slow to me inside my head. If I am speaking to you and you are thinking, “gosh, Mel doesn’t speak that fast at all!” then I must be trying really hard!

5. I am quite clumsy, and it gets infinitely worse for just a few days each month, you know what I mean ladies. I get the dropsies and bruise myself all over but if you ask me how I got a certain bruise I won’t remember. Sometimes I just need to slow down, like my speaking, I’m not quiet sure why I am in such a hurry sometimes. Early in our relationship my not-yet-husband asked my why I was so clumsy and he didn’t believe me until we started living together and saw the pattern. Can someone tell me I am not alone with this symptom?

6. Before I started my university degree my hair was so long I could sit on it! It defined me and even people who didn’t really know me knew of me as the girl with the really long hair and I liked it. I probably should have cut it sooner but one day I realised that I was me, I had a personality worth getting to know beyond my ridiculously long hair and I chopped it off over summer break. It was like a clean start and now I get my hair cut all the time. I’m don’t have to be scared to try something new and I can trust my hair dresser. If I don’t like it, well it’ll just grow back!

7. I am obsessed with doll houses. I have a whole folder in my blog reader devoted to modern doll house blogs. I never had one as a child and now I want to make my own one from scratch – 1950s/1960s inspired, a little bit Le Corusier, a little bit Frank Lloyd Wright, maybe a little Bauhaus – Henry Colbert’s doll houses are my main inspiration. I have been doing a little bit of planning and I’ll admit to some 3D modelling in SketchUp 😉


5 thoughts on “#FMSphotoaday Week One & an award

  1. I find weird bruises all over me too, though most are at coffee table, chair, bed or table height so I guess I must be clumsy too lol. I talk fast too but from the sounds of it you are even faster :o) – gotta be good for everyone to switch onto speed mode I reckon.

    Do you still have your clarinet??

    • All my bruises are at the coffee table or side table height too! 🙂 Haha

      Sadly, no, I just hired my clarinet while I was learning, maybe one day I’l buy one and try to pick it up again.

  2. Lovely, funny and… yummy photos! Loved reading your seven random facts. Well, welcome to the club at the fifth random fact, I feel veeeeery clumsy as well! Oh dear, what to do about this? I guess we might consider it an idiosyncrasy, a particular charm? Or is that some wishful thinking?…

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics of Noo Zuland! 🙂 I’ve never been, must go. And I love your seven random facts, I agree, it’s the most fun part of these ‘awards’ – and listing out the 15 takes aaaages! I find weird bruises all over me as well, don’t know where they come from.

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