Phew guys! I had a HUGE sewing weekend, but that post is going to have to wait until tomorrow, work is crazy right now! We just won a big fat juicy job that I am super excited about but means a heap of work in very little time.

I’ve really missed whipping up a mid-week blog post during my lunch break or after work but it has all just been a bit too much for me over the last week or two and it isn’t looking any better for the next couple either.

I shouldn’t complain because if we weren’t crazy I’d be pretty nervous!

I am going to share with you all the fun of our Wellington Sewing Bloggers Meet Up tomorrow though, I just have to scrape together all my photos. Seriously, those girls! I needed a nap just to recover after I got home!

I am so ready for Christmas break…well not really, I haven’t done any shopping yet and I have a HUGE family Christmas dinner to plan (whose idea was it to host that?! Oh yeah, mine, haha!) but mentally (and I may just go a little mental) I am ready, bring on the joyous festiveness!

Ok, but for now, I need your guys help! I’m going to post this up on BurdaStyle and PR too but maybe one of you brilliant peeps can help me first.

I thought I had the RNHS Rugby Shirt button placket all worked out, I was going to use this tutorial from Two On, Two Off but when I looked at the pattern pieces on the weekend, mine are different. If no one can help me then I will calculate a new piece similar to the one in this tutorial but first choice is to make it up as cut…

Here are the placket pieces, there are two…

…and this is what the front looks like…

What do you guys think?

With the RNHS Rugby Jersey stalled I did make good progress on my Birthday Dress, much bias was cut for piping, so much bias was cut!

But the whole time I felt like I had a little Sewing Angel sitting on one shoulder, and a little Sewing Devil sitting on the other.

The guilt-ridden little Sewing Angel was tugging on my ear lobe and whispering that I should feel guilty for enjoying rotary cutting bias strips so much while Nerdy Husband went rugby-shirt-less.

But the selfish little Sewing Devil was jumping up and down and gleefully rubbing its tiny hands together, “Cut! Cut!” it chanted, a little look of sewing madness in its eyes, “Make that beautiful dress, make it!”

So bias strips I made. The good news is that I am loving the contrast colour I chose, difficult to photograph accurately, it’s a deep blue with just enough purple.

So if you have any ideas on how I can shrug off my guilt and get the rugby jersey finished asap or want to draw me a scribble so I can understand how to attach the button placket I would really appreciate it!

Happy Monday 🙂 xx

10 thoughts on “Halp!

  1. Well done on all those bias strips! I HATE cutting those! Sorry if we wore you out on Saturday though 🙂 Can’t wait to see this dress made up, as long as you get that rugby shirt made!

  2. I know narthing about plackets …. just as well cos you’ve got answers well quickly anyway! Sorry to have missed you et al on Saturday, though its good I stayed away. T’would’ve been awful to infect you all with my lurg. But I can’t wait to see you pics etc of the day :o)

    Good luck with the shirt.

    • We missed meeting you too, was a fun day, so sorry you were ill, better to stay at home and get better though. Don’t worry, there is planning in the works for another meet, possibly a New Years pot-luck picnic complete with photoshoot of new outfits 🙂

  3. Wow! Post question on blog, 26 minutes later, two answers 1 minute apart, solved! Seriously you two! Ah-mazing! 🙂

    It is actually kind of the same as the tutorial I found, just cut in half I guess. Thank you so much! xx 😀

  4. I think I might actually be able to help!! There is an Ottobre shirt I made with a placket that has a similar piece. I’ve made it twice and it really is about the easiest placket there is. One of the other ladies that made it was helpful enough to post a little mini tutorial on Flickr, which was a big help to me the first time I made one. You’ll find her picture here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/62188468@N00/5939769299/in/pool-65756725@N00/

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