#FMSphotoaday Week Four (+2 bonus days)

November 22. Grateful: Some shopping vouchers – always grateful for a little bit of help at Christmas time!

November 23. Black: Everything on my desk that was black

November 24. A Sound you Heard: Can you see him? A beautiful Tui proudly (and noisily) greeting the morning

November 25. Sky: Grumpy afternoon clouds hail a windy (and possibly rainy) night ahead…

November 26. In the Cupboard: Backup drives for work, time to change them over

November 27. Tree: Christmas tree in Midland Park

November 28. Vehicle: Wellington’s famous electric trolley buses have been in operation since 1949 (Not these exact ones! These are the newest additions to the fleet)

November 29. Big: More Wellington sculpture – “Shells” (2002) is by artist Jeff Thomson, cast in concrete using corrugated iron as the mould

November 30. On the Wall: A sad but common site now in Wellington, “Earthquake Prone Building” notices must be displayed if a building is assessed to have a strength less than 34% of a new building and are required to be strengthened or demolished by a certain date, usually 10 – 20 years in the future

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5 thoughts on “#FMSphotoaday Week Four (+2 bonus days)

  1. Those earthquake signs are sad. I learned a lot of what happened in Christchurch through some people I was doing work with. Very sad, but what an amazing sense of community afterwards. Love the giant Christmas tree! Oh yeah, and what’s a trolley bus? 🙂

    • They are sad, especially when you see them on a building that you really love and has some beautiful history. Wellington sits of shaky ground so it is good to see progress toward surviving the next one…

      Now, trolley buses run on electricity, like the Melbourne trams, but they are buses 😉 You can see the twin poles sticking out the back of the buses and you might just be able to make out the network of overhead wires. Sometimes if the driver goes around a corner too fast or moves too far out of the lane to overtake something one of the poles will come flying off and the bus comes to a grinding halt! (I think the newest buses have batteries though to get the bus to the through the intersection to somewhere safe) Then the driver has to get out and pull on the bungee ropes to get it back on 😉 We have the last fleet in operation for Oceania! I love them, they are so “Wellington” to me.

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