#FMSphotoaday December – Week One

[Image missing]

December 1. 8 o’ clock: Food shopping bright and early at 8am before the crowds, bliss!

December 2. Peace: A moment of peace and reflection – enjoying lighting up the tree for our first Christmas in our own home

December 3. Something You Held: Just picked up the mail for work from our PO Box

December 4. Black + White: Arriving extra early for work so I can get some drawings finished – using the stairs because it’s faster than the lifts

December 5. Looking Up: Funky feature lights in the lobby of PWC Tower

December 6. From Where You Live/Your Country: My first Christmas card at work – a tree of native NZ birds (Fanitail, Kererū, Pukeko, Little Blue Penguin, Kea, Kiwi, Tui, Black Robin and a Ponga Tree!

December 7. Stars: In a shop window – Star Xmas Tree Cookie Cutter Set, yummy!


7 thoughts on “#FMSphotoaday December – Week One

  1. I made one of the gingerbread Christmas trees from a kit similar to your last photo, last Christmas. I think my boys had more fun putting it all together and decorating it with sparkly sprinkles than actually eating it!

    • Nice! How do you eat it?? I guess you just pull it apart? I was contemplating making a gingerbread house this year, just for something different…best intentions and all that…we’ll see 😉

    • Thanks, I took a second photo because I thought, “that’s out of focus” but once I saw it on the screen I loved it too, ‘accidentally good photography’ is my new skill 😉

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