A 2012 recap?

I wasn’t going to recap my year of sewing but I know it is good to reflect back on each year, plus all the other cool kids are doing it 😉

To be honest 2012 was a hard year for me, in fact so was 2011, we moved back across the Tasman!

In 2012 we hoped things would settle down for us, both mentally and locationally (yes I made that word up) but right after celebrating our first wedding anniversary we were summarily booted out of our rental property…well not quite that quickly…but what followed was 5 months of stress!

Frantic racing from house to house on our Open Home list, every Sunday, you know, because all the ones you like are all listed within the same 30 minute window and on opposite sides of the city! Phoning up real estate agents mid-week to slog through yet another house. Filling in Tender forms and trying our best not to get our hopes up each time!

Eventually we got the one but the timing was a bit off so everything went into storage for another month…life was a complete shambles…so consequently 2012 was not the bumper sewing year I wished it to be.

I really shouldn’t complain, we ended up with an amazing house, it’s all over now and I am so happy, phew!

I have one more project of 2012 to share with you tomorrow, it’s a bit crazy, a NH request, I think it will give you all a good laugh 😀

So just quickly then, let’s just do my favourites for 2012, the options are a little sparse:

Early in the year Power Tool Wielding Hubby helped me make a sleeve board and pressing board.

I love roping NH into sewing based DIY projects and I am sure, deep down, he has just as much fun as I do. Both were a roaring success and the sleeve/pants board has been so useful!

I never got around to photographing my Simplicity 2556 vest but it is a favourite project just because I have never owned a vest before and wasn’t sure if I would like it or even wear it.

Well I do! With my last JJ – made at the end if 2011 and also not photographed! See my NY resolutions below!

I am more brave with my fashion through sewing, trying new things is often more successful and much more fun when you stitch them up yourself, anyone else agree? I never ever thought I’d wear a pencil skirt either, let alone a high-waisted one but now I have 2 BurdaStyle Jenny skirts and love them!

Another Simplicity project, 2656, is my next favourite, just because I got so many unexpected compliments. NH thinks this skirt is way too loud but I think it really reflects my inner personality: Happy, bubbly and full of colour…hang on, is he trying to tell me something? Haha 😉

And I cannot round this out without mentioning my most recent success, RNHS: Rugby Jersey. I know I only posted it recently but I am really proud of how professional looking it turned out.

I keep track of all my sewing each year with thumbnails (linking back to my posts) on My Wardrobe page so if you are interested in what little else I managed to sew in such a stressful year…or in previous years, please have a look.

In 2012 I also met several other very lovely and very talented Wellington Sewing Bloggers, big hugs to you all xx ❤

In other news I have learnt that I can easily grow my own vegetables (Mmm, the silverbeet last night was so delicious) and I really enjoy pottering in my garden! Early 2013 brings plans for a larger and much improved vegetable patch so watch this space 🙂

New years resolutions? Just keeping it simple, to photograph my finished items promptly and to catch up on the older things I haven’t got around to photographing, that list is growing, eek, remember the 1920s dress anyone? I know, I KNOW! Sorries 😦

Oh and of course, as we all hope, to keep the UFOs under control!

So here’s to a much more settled 2013!

Just to finish, and because it makes me smile, here is some recent (and new…like as is yesterday…when I was supposed to be looking for a suitable non-wrinkly fabric to make a backdrop to hang for my garment photos, in my favourite store that I love to hate, and accidentally bought extra…but it’s ok because I bumped into W and I feel less guilty when I see someone else I know fabric shopping too! And it was on special…and also I blame Rachel, because she made me want peacock voile! 😉 haha)

From the recent half-price Arthur Toye sale:

From left to right:
  • Grey/pink striped cotton/linen blend, feels so nice, can see a swinging 60s a-line dress, nice and simple…
  • Cotton sateen, so pretty, multi coloured under black and white paisley style print…
  • Black and white cotton sateen I already bought some last 50% off sale, but only (silly me) got 1.5m, so got another 1.5 so I can make a dress from it…
  • Sheer black with white hearts…omg so sweet! Pretty little blouse with tie front?
  • And I have been meaning to make something in a gingham for a while now, I kind of think this is a sophisticated gingham?

The hearts & gingham were only $12/m btw, so $6/m after discount, how can you not? 😉

From Spotlight in Porirua yesterday:

  • Left: A cotton voile with peacocks, butterflies and flowers – very light weight so will need underlining but what a sweet dress this will make!
  • Right: Cotton sateen, dark blue background with Japanese style floral print in yellow/pink/red/white – it is a gorgeous colour combo!

I got 3 meters of each, plenty for some amazing dresses!

Ok, now I am off back to the headache that is the bodice of my Birthday Dress! It will not beat me, I will win…just you wait!


12 thoughts on “A 2012 recap?

  1. Goodness what a year! I’m pleased that you are getting set for a better year and wish you all the best in making it happen for you! And what a privilege to be part of that great group of people 🙂

    Oooh, you have the Jenny skirt? I’ve nearly downloaded it a dozen times (and even have a draft post all about my desire for it) but have held off. Any chance I could look it over sometime?

    And peacock voile is awesome!

  2. Ooooh – one the melbourne gals (Rach from My Messings) has that exact same peacock fabric and she was busy sewing it up last weekend… lucky you for scoring some of it as well!

  3. Reeking of sleeve board envy from across the sea here. Wonder what it would take to convince a certain someone to make me one… Do you use yours and the pressing board very much?

    • I use the sleeve board the most, it’s great for pants too, or any long tube, or for shaping things. The pressing board is more specialist so I’ve only used it once properly but I kind of knew that. I just thought if I was making one I may as well make the other at the same time 😉

  4. Well, even if last year didn’t turn out quite how you planned, at least you have some gorgeous fabric to kick off this year.

    I managed to have made for me both the sleeve board and the pressing board – just emailed your tute to my Dad and they were all sorted when I visited for Christmas. (He had no clue what they were, but kindly obliged anyway 😉 ) I would call your 2012 a success for inspiring others – cheers to a super 2013!!

  5. you found the peacock voile! Hurrah!

    you know i showed my dress to the bf yesterday, then shortly after was talking about how i had to carefully position the peacock on the dress, and he was like ‘there’s a peacock on your dress??” *headdesk*

    here’s to a great, fun and productive 2013

    • You finished a dress from it already?! Wow, nice work, I can’t wait to see it! We’ve been using the good weather and time of work to tidy up our section and do some work on the house, I can’t wait until our skip is filled up so I can get back to sewing! 🙂

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