#FMSphotoaday December/January – Catching up! – Part One

Believe it or not I am still playing along…I just haven’t posted my photos for ages!

I have finally found all the original files from December/January that Pinterest dissolved, they were buried across a couple of flash drives and some of them I have already put into my blog as part of my posts 😉

You can find the rest of my photoaday posts here.

So! Let’s play catch up shall we?  Then I can get back on track for February sometime soon! 😀

December 21. Tree: The first time we get to put up our tree in our very own house

December 22. Decorations: My 2012 NZ Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap

December 23. Joy is: First Christmas in our very own house (and a new table table cloth!)

December 24. Tradition: Making the Christmas pudding

December 25. Lunchtime: We ate a little late this year so at lunchtime we opened presents, I got a husband!

December 26. Mess: Putting our Christmas holidays to good use (and burning off Christmas lunch) by starting our section clearing.

December 27. How you relax: A walk up Colonial Knob – you can see the South Island in the distance, it looks so close!

December 28. Cold: Freezer cam!

December 29. Hot: The perfect day to go to the beach!

December 30. Something that made you Smile this year: Being back home in NZ, always makes me smile, everyday.

December 31. Self Portrait: Happy New Years Eve!

January 01. Today: Is a beautiful day!

January 02. Something New: NEW fabric for a NEW sewing project for the NEW Year

January 03. Heart: There’s something about those tomatoes!

January 04. The View from Here: Up high in Wellington city

January 05. Movement: A quick flick through a library book

January 06. Mine: My own clothing labels, so I know it’s mine

January 07. Street: and a pretty green car

10 thoughts on “#FMSphotoaday December/January – Catching up! – Part One

  1. Hello, I like your web-site, I think it is very interesting and useful. I saw that you could order (online) the Manequim Magazine. Could you give me some information how can I order it online? Because I don’t speak portuguese. Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. Yay, your photos are happening again! 🙂

    Love that beach photo, very cool. And your clothing labels – where did you get those made? I’ve been meaning to get some for ages….

    • *claps hands, yay me too 🙂

      I bought my labels ages ago from this online shop: http://www.fantasylabels.com.au/ I don’t know if they post to NZ but it’s work asking. I’ve written a note on the business card (that I somehow magically managed to find!) that I bought ’10mm woven name tapes’ and if I remember correctly they were only about $25.00 for 50, but they do motif ones too and you can get super fancy if you want to but 50c each was good for me at the time 😉 There might a similar NZ option equivalent I just haven’t needed to look into it yet, I’ve still got about 30 labels left.

  3. Your 21st December photo looks unreal viewed on a phone – I was tempted to ask if I could use it as a screen saver! I love the look of that fabric from 2nd January – what’s it going to be???

    • Wow cool, it’s fun how photos look different in different mediums. Please, feel free to use my image if you like 🙂
      I have to keep the fabric from Jan 2nd project a secret just now but it is finished, I just can’t post it yet, stick around though, it will be posted soon 😉

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