#FMSphotoaday January – Catching up! – Part Two

January 08. Something beginning with ‘T’: Triangles

January 09. Paper: A3 paper reams

January 10. One o’clock. Popped home for lunch

January 11. Water: in the big bottle on the cooler unit

January 12. Surprise: Not the good kind…someone didn’t use enough stamps!

January 13. Circle: Elevator buttons

January 14. Something Yellow: Everything yellow that was on my desk at work

January 15. Something ordinary: Eating lunch at work, reading the paper. It’s important to take yourself away from your desk and relax for a little bit

January 16. Two Things: Yum! After work drive and a treat with my hubby!

January 17. Ready: I am ready to go out when I have my keys in hand

Jan 18. Shadow: Yellow traffic light post with shadow seen on my lunchtime wander

January 19. Delicious: Home made birthday cake for someone special

January 20. Something You Saw: The beautiful Wellington Botanic Gardens on my way to meet up with the Wellington Sewing Blogger girls

January 21. What You Do: A site visit for work


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