It’s PATTERN PYRAMID time again! (Everyone loves getting parcels)

Wow I have received some neat parcels this week! 😉

(Apologies in advance: All these photos were taken with my phone because I have leant my usual camera to a family member)

I get most of my online purchased delivered to my work PO Box number, it’s just that bit more secure plus if I don’t have any reason to check the box the rest of the people I work with (all boys, heh!) will never check it!

This week I got three parcels! Ohh!

The first was from Robin at a little sewing, my copy of Drape Drape 2 that I won just before Christmas.

Ohh I love new sewing books. There are plenty of reviews about this book all over the internetz so I’ll just show you the two patterns that I am immediately caught my eye:

No. 3 three-piece vest with oversized pockets, page 30

no. 7 two-piece open batwing dress, page 52

Parcel number two was some AMAZING fabric that I keep seeing on different blogs and have been hunting hunting hunting for and when I finally found it I just got out my credit card and BOOM! Here it is:

Alexander Henry “Sewing is Easy” comic book print cotton

I am thinking of using this for a vintage dress but I am not sure if it will be too much, so perhaps I will add in a contrast for some elements…hmmm 🙂

And finally! The Pattern Pyramid. I finally won one of the original pyramids from Oanh at Unique Schmuck. Yay, and now it’s your turn!

Here are the Patterns Pyramid patterns:

A printed copy of the free Your Sewing Rocks 9-10 “Paperbag Ensemble Dress” & Simplicity 2339 Amazing Fit Blouse

I am keeping Simplicity Precious Pals – a Cabbage Patch Dolls rip off but my Cabbage Patch Doll (Edith) needs a new dress so I can happily display her in my sewing room…and creep out NH who thinks CP Dolls are…well, creepy! Swing Style Sensations Jackets/Coat, despite the hideous fabric, actually looks like a great simple pattern

McCall’s 8269 & Simplicity 9366 (ahh the 80s!)

A selection of Prima Patterns to choose

There are also 3 of the original Pattern Pyramid Make sew-in tapes left!

I am adding into the mix a very special Patrones magazine…well, special in that it is my last Patrones magazine for a while. I did not renew my subscription a few months ago…I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed with patterns from two magazines (plus the odd Burda that I buy and the envelope patterns) I enjoy them for the fashion but I am not fast enough to get my full monies worth so I am sticking with just Manequim for now.

Patrones 323 Spring Special

It’s a great issue:

I am sure you guys know the rules by now but just in case, a reminder:

  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, can enter by leaving a comment on this post by midnight NZDT (UTC/GMT +12 hours) on Friday 8th March (which really means when I get up Saturday morning!) but you must have an active blog.
  • I will randomly select one winner, Person A, and post them the collection of 6 patterns.
  • Person A will then pick one pattern to keep for themselves, then host their own give-away  They will randomly select a winner, post the remaining patterns to  Person B.
  • Person B will pick a pattern for themselves and promptly host their own give-away and post the remaining patterns to the winner, Person C. Person C will do the same and so on until there is a last pattern winner…you get the idea.
  • Some people like to replace the pattern they are taking with another from their stash, this keeps the pyramid going longer, but is not compulsory.

So write a comment below to be in the draw and tell me which pattern you would keep out of the selection above and why?


21 thoughts on “It’s PATTERN PYRAMID time again! (Everyone loves getting parcels)

  1. Count me in!!! 🙂 I would love to look closer at your Patrones mag and the Prima pattern tops before choosing one (never had any of those before) and would probably add a pattern into the mix before sending them along. Thanks…

  2. Hi there, please out me in the draw for the pattern pyramid. I love this concept. My computer won’t show the pictures you’ve posted for some reason, so this one’s a mystery pattern pyramid for me!

    • Hi Leonie, I have put you in the mystery draw, haha, yes something Has happened to my Photobucket account! I am on holiday so I’ll have to fix it when I get home on Monday. Please come back next week & let me know which pattern you fancy, it’s fun for me to see what everyone chooses 🙂

  3. Oh wow this is awesome-pyramid’s back in the Antipodes XD and super generous of you to put in a Patrones. I’ve heard of the Prima patterns but never seen one of those either-interesting. Please count me in. If I win I’ll either trace off and replace or add a fresh pattern to replace the one I choose.

  4. Yay! I’m glad it arrived, and quite quickly too. Um, I don’t wish to enter, just wanted to say: yay! I need to look into sewing magazines … (Because I need more patterns! Hmmm)

  5. Hello,
    Just wanted to ask, where did you get the patrones subscription. I cant seem to find anyone in Australia who can help me with that. Do you have a subscription for Mannequim. This is a great magazine, I have been buying both of them on ebay. Hope you can help. I am in Melbourne. Oh, by the way, I love your blogs. Xxx

    Kind Regards
    Dana Gibson

    • Hi Dana, thanks for commenting. I do have a subscription to Manequim, I think I am on my 3rd year with them (and I did have one with Patrones for slightly longer) – The easiest way to subscribe is to email them. I have all the information on this page here. I hope that helps. I love getting Manequim the most, it is so fashion forward and exciting, I always get inspired. 🙂

      Do you want to enter the pattern pyramid too?

  6. I shall like to enter your Pattern Pyramid! The last one was so fun. I hope that the Pattern Pyramid you won and that I have mailed you comes soon! Let me know when it does. Cheers! 🙂

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