Well hi there! 🙂 Just a quick reminder that I will be choosing the Pattern Pyramid winner early tomorrow morning so if you haven’t left a comment yet, please jump over now and get in the draw.

If you popped by recently to read a post and saw this:

It’s nice to be called popular, thank you FailBucket, but not nice that you hide all my photos, even from me!

You will be pleased to hear that in four days my bandwidth (which I didn’t even know existed) resets but in the mean time I have been busy moving everything somewhere else. I have re-connected the images in the most recent posts including the pattern pyramid and I’m taking steps so this doesn’t happen again. The rest of my images should pop back to normal on the 12th, phew!

So if you didn’t comment on the PP or another recent post or weren’t able to tell me which was your favourite pattern in the give-away please pop back and do.

Also, while I have your attention, please jump over to check out Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine and their awesome Issue 02. I recently discovered these guys (you know, because of my new “Oh hey, I can pull off the vintage look” obsession) with thanks to Kat.

Take a look, you might even spot someone familiar in there 😉

I haven’t done much sewing these last couple of weeks. Work is still crazy (but settling down to near normal) and I went on a short holiday to reset my brain.

I have a few things immediately in my sewing queue but last night, while quietly sifting through my fabric, I pulled out this piece and my brain immediately shouted “SHIRT DRESS!”

It is a cotton poplin in black with super sweet multi-coloured swallows all over, I just hope I bought enough.

I have included my scissors for scale, what do you guys think? Too much? Or the perfect combination of a vintage(ish) look fabric with a modern dress that I could wear to work? That’s what it looks like inside my head.

I was oggling these shoes yesterday afternoon in the shop window (in green of course) and I think they might have inspired me.

I am husband-less on Saturday, all day long, and I can feel the mojo ramping up for a full day of sewing 🙂 What have you got planned?

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29 thoughts on “PATTERN PYRAMID reminder

  1. I love the fabric and I think a shirt-dress would look great in that fabric. Like you said, a great mix of fun colors and a serious silhouette would make it awesome.

  2. Your fabric is pretty and will make a nice shirt-dress (provided it’s light-weight enough for the gathers). What provokes me to comment though is that I’ll be cutting out a bird fabric this weekend too. It’s similar but less colourful – white birds on a navy background – and is going to be a shirt. I’ve been stressing about how to place the pattern. I love prints but…

    • It is the perfect weight for a dress, it was an impulse buy so I am glad I picked it up now that inspiration has struck 🙂 birds are so sweet, I bet your shirt will look great!

  3. Those shoes… SWOON!!!! Love the print on that fabric.. I can totally see it as a cute shirt dress! 🙂 Perfect opportunity to pick out your fav colour from the print and us it as buttons…

    • I agree, I had no idea what I would make with this fabric when I bought it, I just knew I loved it, so when inspiration strikes the brain definitely knows best 🙂

  4. That fabric is lovely! It has great potential to be a cross season dress I think.

    This weekend is a long weekend here, and my plans involve mostly sewing, and playing SimCity 😀

  5. That is great fabric and i think it will go well with the simplicity of the pattern you hav chosen….it would also go really well with the shoes!

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