#FMSphotoaday January & February – Catching up! – Part Three

January 22. Corner: A planter box made of old doors, love all the angles and corner

January 23. Electric: Looking at new lights with my Mum for her house

January 24. Stripes: Hmm, perhaps these are really more like lines…yellow lines (stripes?) designating no parking.

January 25. Landscape: One of the classic Wellington landscape shots – across the harbour to Oriental Parade

January 26. Together: Cute piggy salt and pepper shakers (a gift from my sister) sit together on my kitchen window sil

January 27. Sun: Bye bye sun, see you tomorrow

January 28. Through: A glimpse through the buildings to The Beehive – Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings

January 29. Grow: Tomatoes grown in my garden, so yummy!

January 30. Down: Waiting to board at Wellington Airport, on my way down to Christchurch for the day for work

January 31. Myself: A quick selfie, hehe – love the ocean in front and the glimpse of  green hills behind in the mirror

February 01. Fork: I’m not sure why but we have 4 different types of forks in our cutlery drawer

February 02. Pattern: Looking up at the pattern created by the triangles of this building’s canopy

February 03. Something beginning with ‘e’: Escalator

February 04. Hope: I hope our boys do well this year, go The ‘Canes!

February 05. Something you smelled: An early morning scent selection – I love perfume, it makes me feel grown up

February 06. Soft: Gummy bears…but I swapped their heads, tee hee!

February 07. Your Name: Mello Yello – yum, plus I am limited edition!


3 thoughts on “#FMSphotoaday January & February – Catching up! – Part Three

    • Thanks 🙂 I saw that on one of my work trips down to ChCh, it was outside a bar that is made from shipping containers. The bar front is all old iron fireplace facings, it was amazing!

      Here is so much great reclaimed stuff down there, so much kiwi-ingenuity, make the most of a bad situation etc…my client wants to use furniture made by a local designer from earthquake recovered materials and we are sourcing the timber for the reception flooring from demolished houses. I was thinking of engraving some text into it or even a little street plan of where these houses used to be, sort if tracing its provenance.

      • Oh that’s an awesome idea! I love the thought of the street plan, such a great way to capture history and change. Do it!! (And then let me know where it is, so I can go and admire it when I’m next in Christchurch.)

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