WSBN: Come hang out with us!

Are you in Wellington (or the greater Wellington region) and been secretly admiring the Wellington Sewing Bloggers and their adventures from afar but been too shy to come say hello?

WSBN Meet – January 2013Kat & Drake, Emily (new member yeah!) Maryanne, JulietJohanna, myself & Nikki (photo courtesy of Kat, random Photoshopping by me)

WSBN Meet – February 2013
The Queen, Joy, Me, Prince Phillip, Kat
Teresa, Johanna, Nikki
Yes that’s right, we met the Queen!

Well my little sewing friends-to-be, this Sunday is your lucky Sunday! Neatly fold up that shyness and stuff it into where ever it is that you hide your UFOs and then come have some amazing fun with us!

Here are the deets:

Where: Wellington Botanic Gardens – Sound Shell

When: 17 March 2013, 11am (or thereabouts)

What to bring: A sense of humour is compulsory. Something to share for a picnic lunch. Optional: Some show-and-tell or fabric/patterns to swap, wear a you-made creation if you like compliments (don’t we all?!) 😉 anything that you might like some help with (i.e. part finished project or a pattern you have questions about)

Want some photos of a new outfit? Wear it and bring your camera, you’ll get some fabulous shots, promise!

If the rain that is forecast (and that we so desperately need) does indeed show up, there is a backup plan in place and it is a tasty one! The decision will be made on Saturday and I will post up any changes here so make sure you pop back to check for any change of plans/venue before you leave on Sunday morning.

So, are you in?

Excellent! I knew I could convince you, see you soon! xx

footer_machine with stitches1

4 thoughts on “WSBN: Come hang out with us!

  1. OK I am one of those people you are referring too but I can’t make it. In the process of moving house. Have a great time.

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