March in Photos

I enjoyed the photoaday challenge the last few months but just recently I just haven’t been able to keep up. A week or two a go I decided to raise the white flag.

Work and personal life has been really busy for me this last month. I am struggling to write regular blog posts and even get my little bit of evening sewing time in after work. I’ve fallen further and further behind and then I realised that it’s silly stressing over something that is voluntary and meant to be just fun.

I did really enjoy the challenge of taking photos everyday, finding something interesting and taking it in an interesting way. Looking back through them each week for my post was exciting too, I’d forget what I had taken and surprise myself.

My new  habit of taking more photos regularly of what I am up to, even of small every-day-kind-of-things has been fun. I don’t want to stop so I am stealing an idea I saw on another blog and will be wrapping up each month in photos instead. Just a few random ones, during busy months there will be more and in quieter months there will be less but it’s fun to look through my phone and camera and remember what I got up too. Most will be sewing related (sneak peaks) with other fun things thrown in as well, like my gardening, shoe purchases and just random stuff I see in my travels.

Here is my first attempt – March:

MiP_March 2013

on a plane to Christchurch ♥ sculpture  new shoes

preparing tomatoes for oven “sun-drying”  mango pudding  crazy big cat fabric

relaxing  pre-washing fabric  the perfect buttons

running out of thread  working on a new dress  a satisfying pile of pre-cut pieces


7 thoughts on “March in Photos

  1. I think I will do the same, steal the idea. Will find something interesting every day to take pictures of and do a monthly picture sport as well. Thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Oh I like this idea of a collage monthly or whenever you feel like it :). Crack out the foot spa again too while you’re at it. Sounds like life is a little frantic presently – hope things calm down for you to find mojo where required again.

  3. What a nice compromise to still do the photos but on your own terms. I’m sure there is an unwritten directive somewhere that says kiwis should not be stressed out ;-), especially the curious kind!

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