WIPs: Easter Sewing

I hope you all had a great Easter and got lots of sewing done. I was a busy little bee taking in several items of Nerdy Husband clothing, replacing buttons etc, but I did also manage some me-sewing.

Since I am in the mood for photo sharing here are a few progress pics.

First up a quick selfie of Vogue 1250 which is much more curve-a-licious in real life…I am not sure if it is as work appropriate as I wanted it to be. NH was quite impressed and I have to admit, I like it more that I thought I would, I feel very curvy in all the right ways.

I took two photos but I’ve spared you all the photo of me pulling my ‘eep’ face 😉

There are so many great versions online but I wasn’t really sure how I would feel wearing this style so I used a $5 remnant from The Fabric Warehouse as a potential sacrifice.

I am glad it’s worked out since I do quite like my $5 fabric. It is a lycra knit something-or-other, pretty blue and brown tones. I had to add in a seam to the back of the upper bodice to squeeze it on the 1.3m length but that is mostly lost in the pattern.

I just need to tidy up the side seam (the transition to the fold is a bit weird), hem the sleeves and hem the bottom, then proper photos will be taken. I may demand a date-night for said photos.

I also got quite a lot of work done on my next dress, it’s working title is: Rainbow Swallow Shirt Dress, including cutting it all out (after adding 6cm in length) and 50% of the sewing assembly.

Nerdy Husband spent quite a lot of time in my sewing room on Sunday, trying on the shirts I was taking in and patiently getting measured. He even swapped over the thread colours on the overlocker, proudly announcing, “I threaded it black for you”…except that threading involves a little bit more than just laying the threads over the antennae. The machine is fancy, but not thread-itself-fancy.

He tried though, it’s the thought that counts 😉

 Anyway, I had the swallows laid out so I showed him my progress and the pattern pictures. I wasn’t expecting him to like this but he nodded genuine approval.

This dress will be work appropriate, in a cute “she’s wearing a dress covered in rainbow birdies” kind of way, hey that’s me! 🙂

footer_kiwi with needle1

13 thoughts on “WIPs: Easter Sewing

  1. I love the Vogue – the fabric works really well and you look fab. It isn’t work approp? Too sexy curvaceous? I reckon rock it.

    The swallows are going to lovely – can’t wait to see it. I think I need to get me some other sewing mag subs. Hmmmm…. lol.

    And bless the boy for ‘threading’ the machine. Lovely thing that he is 🙂

    • It is quite a bit more sexy and curvaceous in real life but I wonder if, based on everyone else’s reactions (i.e. rock it!), maybe I was just a bit shocked to see it on me and after I hem it and take photos I might think it not so bad?…hmm, we’ll see 😉

    • I have cut it a size too big…which I guess is better than a size too small and there are lots of seams to sort that out 😉 Might put up a progress shot today if I have time, just a dirty mirror selfie.

  2. I love your curvy dress. And as I clicked on your link, I noticed the pattern is on a sale right now. Yay for that!
    I followed the link from your Burda studio – great projects!

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