… and then there was light…

Late night shopping Thursday saved the day.

This is not really a proper post – I just took this photo as a kind of joke to share with the WSBN girls on our Facebook page but it’s kind of accidentally pretty don’t you think?

Kiwis are nocturnal but we need light to sew our clothes

This weekend is shaping up to be a bit yuck here in Welly, yay for the rain though! I am meant to be finishing off designing our new kitchen but I am sure I can sneak in some sewing somewhere, I hope you do too 😉

footer_kiwi with needle1

4 thoughts on “… and then there was light…

  1. I am quietly pretty pleased about the weekend weather forecast and have already gone out fabric shopping in preparation for my indoor sewing time lol. Silver lining right? Oh, not the fabric (though that’s an interesting thought)

    Very cool pic too ….

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