Burda Sew-along Reminder + a surprise!

April is slipping away, where has the first half of this year gone?! So that means May is next and this is your reminder to sign up for the WSBN Burda Magazine Sew Along 🙂

Burda Sew Along

Kat is running the sign up page so jump on over there and comment to let us know you are in. Don’t forget to grab the badge! We also have a group Pinterest board so if you use Pinterest tell us your user name or leave us a link to your boards so that we can invite you and you can pin your inspiration and progress for us to see.

I didn’t get much sewing done this weekend, best laid plans were interrupted but that’s life I guess. So my Saturday was a write-off and then on Sunday, this happened:

His name is Harry and he was a (very) early birthday present from Nerdy Husband. The goldfish are on hold until we finish the flooring so Harry is technically our first pet together. We’ve wanted to get a cat for quite some time but renting is not an ideal situation to take on a kitten.

He is from a Scottish Fold litter of 4 boys, one of two “straights”, and he is 9 weeks old which means he is also a little bit chewy and climby right now! When he fills out he should be a bit rolly polly looking and still super cute.

Today is his first day home alone while we are at work, I hope he is ok, he has some toys (a mess of yarn and a quickly made pom pom are his favourite so far!) and the radio, I am sure he will get used to the routine soon enough. There will be lots of cuddles and play when we get home tonight.

He is such a good boy, using his litter box properly and eating his food. I love him so much already, pets are good for your mental health.

I guess now I get to join the Sewing with Cats Club!

Although Harry has yet to be introduced to my sewing room. Our house is large and he is very very tiny. So for now he gets to hang out in the kitchen and lounge and maybe this weekend he can explore a bit further. Poor little guy gets lost just by going around to the other side of the couch! I will also need to relocate my “precious fabrics” shelf a bit higher me thinks!

So yeah, that was my weekend, all geared up to sew but hi-jacked by life and a small furry thing, no complaints here!

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20 thoughts on “Burda Sew-along Reminder + a surprise!

    • I do love his tiny-ness but I am also excited about him getting a bit bigger so he can jump instead of climb up everything and also then maybe I won’t fear stepping on him so much! Haha, but I don’t want to rush him out of the “fit in the palm of my hand” stage either! 😀

    • Many many cuddles at the request of so many people who haven’t met him yet (he needs time to settle down despite my SILs desperate “pleeeeaaaaasssssseeeee can I come over” texts) hehe

  1. Ahhhhhhhh, Cuteness overload, cuteness overload!!! He is absolutely precious! Kitty and I are both so happy that you adopted a little one. Life is simply not complete without the feline companion. Welcome, Hank 😉 to the Sewing With Cats Club!

    • You are so right, I grew up with pets and I have really missed them in my life. He’s a bit of a handful right now but I know it’s just because he is a fur baby 😉

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