Pretties (or Not Burda)

Gosh it’s all Burda, Burda, Burda around here lately aye?! 😀

Well, just to break it up for those of you not participating, here is some pretty fabric I picked up this morning at the Mandatory moving sale:

(left to right)

A lightweight spotty cotton, pretty greens and blues which make a great Summer dress.

Floral cotton below that, to become a cute shirt? Maybe one of my new Deer & Doe patterns.

A nice thick dark denim, never turn down a good quality denim!

Then some sort of blue/green striped jersey, it is so soft, will become a really comfortable t-shirt of some sort.

Then, the pièce de résistance: an AWESOME (caps lock, bold and underline all required!) reversible black and white content-unknown. Never say no to a reversible fabric. How amazing will a dress made out this be?!

And lots of buttons, some great metal ones, I also never say no to good metal buttons.


Edit 13.05.2013 – Added close up of the reversible fabric as requested:




16 thoughts on “Pretties (or Not Burda)

    • Ah ha! Good question 🙂 Actually NH chose some more Merino on the weekend for me to make another two winter tops for him…but I have a possible jacket in mind for him using that dark denim.

  1. Completely fell in love with your Robson Coat and couldn’t resist the pattern. Now looking for fabrics and linings. Not blessed with lots of friendly fabric stores here in the South of France so having to do what I can, with my limited knowledge online. Can you tell me what sort of fabric I should be using for the lining and how much would I need for the size 12. It says to order 4.3 metres of the core fabric, can I get away with slightly less? I won’t take 3 metres as you so bravely did but wondered if I really need the entire 4.3.

    Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the brilliant work and inspiring us all.

    Many thanks

    Chris (female)

    • Hi Chris, it really depends on the width of your fabric but I was lucky to get away with 3 meters, I cut a 12 and if I’d not used some of my underlining I would have needed 3.2m, perhaps, lay the pattern out at home and see how efficient you can get it. I think Tasia’s allowances are very generous but I don’t want to put you wrong!
      For lining/underlining, use an actual lining fabric or a lightweight cotton, I used a cotton sateen so that it was a bit slippery, makes it easier to slip the coat on and off. You don’t want anything too thick, and I think I used about 2 meters but I didn’t measure it before I cut sorry.

  2. Oooooo I like the reversible one – I picked up a similar reversible at the Fabric-a brac recently which I thought would make a great jacket (perhaps the Sewaholic Cordova). Actually I love ALL your fabrics – what a bargain!

  3. Oh good score! I like the polka dot one – no surprises there. Would love to see a close up of the reversable one – is it a knit? I realy miss not being to shop at Levana – you kiwis have access to some amazing jerseys and are really lucky in that respect. I know you pay a lot for other imported stuff. Thanks for sharing!!

    • The reversible one is not a knit, it is a woven and has no stretch (well, maybe a teeny tiny bit), I’ll put up a close up picture for you. It feels nice, maybe a heavy cotton with a bit of silk in it? I’m terrible at guessing content, might try a burn test, I’ve never done one before but I’d love to try!

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