Fabric: Studies prove more effective than pain killers

This is a short and apologetic post. I do not have a Burda tracing post ready to share with you.

Instead I narrowly avoided a migraine yesterday which left me sitting quietly on the couch for about 4 hours waiting for my vision to return to normal. Migraines for me are rare but I am lucky that I get an “aura”  warning. As much as partially losing my sight freaks me out (I call it “sparkly vision” but actually it’s called scintillating scotoma if you are interested) the upside is that it gives me forewarning to take whatever I need to avoid the actual migraine.

Enough depressing health stuff, don’t you worry about me, I know what to do with these things. Today I will move about slowly, drink lots of water and eat well, I’ll be back to myself by this evening.

Squinting through a receding spangled blur I still managed to buy some fabric from the internetz and I am pretty sure it helped more than the special blue pills I swallowed earlier.

I have been obsessed with Dolly Clackett’s Meta Dress since one of the WSBN girls pointed her blog out to me. I wanted that fabric baaaadly, I search a bit half-arsed for it initially before getting distracted by something else and temporarily forgetting about it.

Then yesterday afternoon Pinterest delivered. Someone pinned it from an online UK store and I jumped on that woven gold so fast I think my credit card got whiplash.

I didn’t buy exactly the same colour-way as Ms Clackett, I almost did, then I saw this one instead and decided I liked the colours more:


It is from Minerva Crafts and you should go get some too 😉

Now, allow me to distract you with too many gratuitous pictures of Harry’s first venture into my Sewing Studio on Sunday afternoon. He moves fast, so they are all a bit blurry!

Like all cats I have ever known when he sees a camera he runs straight at it.

So many good hiding places to practise our new favourite thing: Jumping out at the unsuspecting humans! Also my cat photography skills need upgrading, bear with…

No lace was harmed during this adventure.

Forewarning for all who are interested: On Friday Harry goes to the vet for 1st vaccinations, micro-chipping and a “special” operation (you know what I mean). After said visit you may notice I refer to Harry as Harri (short for Harriet) because if the YouTube video I watched on the weekend has any truth to it, he is more likely a she. The vet will obviously have the final say, stay tuned…

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23 thoughts on “Fabric: Studies prove more effective than pain killers

  1. OOOOhh not a good thing to know an online fabric store with reasonable postage costs!! I dream of fishpond selling fabric!!! spend more that 50 and free postage – if they can do it with books why not fabric. Off to check out that shop you enabler!!!

  2. Stoff kaufen ist nicht unmoralisch, es ist nicht illegal und macht nicht dick.

    Stoff muss man nicht im Kühlschrank halten, man muss nicht für ihn kochen und man muss ihn nicht füttern. Man muss ihm nicht die Nase putzen und niemals die Windeln wechseln. Man muss ihm nicht hinterher räumen und nicht mit ihm spazieren gehen.

    Das richtige Stoffstückchen beruhigt die Nerven, streichelt die Seele und macht Freude.

    Ausserdem ist er billiger und meist auch sinnvoller als ein Psychiater.

    Quelle unbekannt
    —————————————–I try to translate——————————————-
    To buy fabrics is not immoral. Is not illegal and does not make you fat.

    Fabrics need not be kept in the refrigerator.
    There is no need to cook for it nor to feed it.
    There is no need to blow its nose and nor to change the pampers.
    There is no need to clean up behind it and no need to go for a walk.

    A piece of fabrics calms the nerves, soothes the soul and gives pleasure.

    It is also much cheaper and usually more meaningful than a psychiatrist.

    source unknown

  3. Bit off-topic for a sewing blog, but it’s easy to tell if you have a boy cat or a girl cat! (Well, if they’re not too long-haired that is.) Lift up the tail, and if there’s a little hole right under the bum you’ve got a little girl cat. If the distance between the holes is further than that, you’ve got a boy. (My mum fosters kittens, and whenever I go round there they get me to declare boyness or girlness.)


    Reasonable postage to New Zealand, you say? Very good, I thank you 🙂

    • The breeder told me all 4 kittens were boys so I just went on what she said. Then my SIL came over last weekend and asked how can they know the kittens gender when they are so small. I was curious too so I said, “Let’s ask the Internet”. We watched a YouTube video where the vet pretty much showed exactly as you said so we looked at Harry and well…Harry doesn’t have the gap…so I am pretty much accepting that Harry is a Harriet 😉 But it’s fine, I didn’t mind which gender anyway 🙂

      It’s always a bonus when overseas online shops aren’t greedy with postage, so many of them are!

  4. aawwww what a cute little kitten!!! And so sorry to hear you’re a sufferer of migraines. I used to get them in my early teenage years but thankfully seemed to grow out of them. But you’re right… fabric solves everything. And that fabric is awesome!!!

    • I used to get them more often when I was younger, so glad that they happen more rarely now. Feel much better today, it is deficiently the fabric that helped 😉

  5. Ugh, I get migraines too, they’re the pits. Hooray for fabric shopping though! It’s gorgeous fabric…might have to investigate whether I can justify also nabbing some!

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