Past Indie Pattern Love

Indie Pattern MonthOk, so I just found this post in my drafts folder and I swear I published it a while ago but it’s not there…so…I am hitting publish now and wondering, is this déjà vu?


I’m going to kick off Indie Pattern Month the same way I started with Burda by first reviewing my past Indie makes.

There are only three of them because I’ve only recently discovered the joy of a prettily packaged and well drafted independent designed sewing pattern.

I will readily admit that these pattern can be quite expensive, especially when converted to NZD$ and then you add on international postage. Sheesh, how can something so small and light cos so much to send?! However, I have a strategy, and it goes like this: if you are patient and join enough mailing lists eventually one of the pattern companies you covet will do some sort of discount or free postage offer and then you can pounce, wish-list in hand, on the pretties.

Another option is to find some other local sewists and share on postage.

Loudly announcing which patterns you desire out aloud to anyone and everyone several times before your birthday and Christmas has also been known to work 😉

(EDIT 19/06/2013: And for the Kiwi’s there is this option now too!)

I’ve built up my Indie stash slowly. The Colette patterns are the oldest, Sewaholic came next, the Hollyburn and Robson coat were thank you gifts for participating in pattern testing and then I bought the other three myself.

The Papercut patterns joined my stash last Christmas and the Deer & Doe patterns are my latest additions. There are others on my wishlist but I need to sew a few of these up to justify any additions.

I love all of them, I’m not one to let the red mist descend during a sale. I am picky with my fabric and I am picky with my pattern purchases, I like to think of my entire stash (fabric, notions & patterns) as carefully curated, inspiring and there as a enabler for me to indulge my creative passion 🙂

So, my first indie make was a Colette Rooibos:

I made this dress for my 30th birthday and it was supposed to be the inaugural birthday dress but the next few birthday dresses have not gone so smoothly and now I just think I’ll make pretty dresses, who needs an excuse to make a pretty dress?!

Despite being totally in love with the finished dress I didn’t wear it very often after making it and at first I couldn’t work out why. I think the fabric has a winter look about it but then the lack of sleeves and shorter hem makes me think of summer…so a few months ago I dug it out and had a think of how I can wear it more often. A cute black shrug helps, as well as tights and some vintage-look boots. It takes me a while to get things mentally into my wardrobe rotation but I think this dress deserves to get out more often!

Writing this post makes me want to make another version now, this patten is really versatile. Patterned fabric and plain piping, plain fabric and patterned piping, to pipe or not to pipe or where to pipe is all up to you.

I used Photoshop to help me decide on my piping colour and location:

This is a really fun way to visualise the finished garment and get you really excited to sew. I have written two tutorials to show you how it’s done, one for Photoshop and one for Gimp (a free alternative). Click on the thumbnails below to go to each tutorial.

My Rooibos stitched up like a dream, the instructions were fabulously illustrated and clear and I even learnt a new clean look bodice lining technique. I took it in a little bit at the waist and nothing else, so easy, so gratifying.

Sewaholic Hollyburn was next and showed me that a style of skirt I had previously discounted didn’t look so bad on me at all!

This also stitched up super easy and I think if you were looking to add a few skirts quickly to your wardrobe you could probably whip up one of these up in a couple of hours and have two more complete before dinner. And it’s another really versatile pattern, add some piping at the waist, contrast pockets, different lengths, you could even add a lining too.

I was hooked and added 3 more Sewaholics to my stash and now we come to my most recent 100% complete project, a Sewaholic Robson Coat. I really enjoyed making this coat and I am super happy with the final result.

I’ve wore it to work earlier in the month during a bitterly cold winter-is-here-week, it kept me very warm and every time I took it off the lining made me smile.

And now I am back at the Colette Lady Grey. I think the black wool will make this coat really versatile and easy to wear and I love the slightly vintage look and big collar.

I’m excited to finally get back to it but it was a hard decision. I was so tempted to leave it a little bit longer and jump onto Papercut’s Watson or Deer & Doe’s Belladone, I even have fabric in my stash especially picked out…but it’s OK, they’ll happen eventually and until then I’ll have another super warm coat to keep me warm this winter.

Which indie patterns have you previously sewn up and what are you planning to sew this month?

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28 thoughts on “Past Indie Pattern Love

  1. The Robson coat in purple!! Love LOVE it! I have the pattern- and had a goal of making several versions but have not even LOOKED at appropriate fabrics. Yours I LOVE and am again inspired! ~Laurie

    • I am glad I have inspired you, now go fabric shopping, that is the BEST way to capitalise on your renewed enthusiasm. Look at fabric, pet some fabric, find the perfect match and get at it girl, I can’t wait to see your version 🙂

  2. Your rooibos is making me really want that pattern now, and i never really liked it before! i’ll just get their new pattern while im there and a few others….for the postage savings, you understand!!

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  4. I do love your Rooibos – I’m just waiting for my pattern to arrive but haven’t chosen my fabric yet so will definitely be learning how to use GIMP to whip up some options – thanks for the tutorial. However there is my Tiramisu before that but after my Go Anywhere Dress. Actually I love all your garments – oooh and your double sided fabric is gorgeous 🙂

    I love reading your blog and I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award

    • Aww thanks Sandra, I’ve been nominate twice this week, kiwi blogger love, I’ll do a post next week about it.

      Ahh the sewing list is always long and never ending isn’t it? My order keeps changing around but I’ll get them all out eventually, that’s part of the fun 😉

  5. Your indie makes are all gorgeous! And I love your fabric selections for your upcoming indies, especially that double-sided black and white print!
    I just finished a Tiramisu, and I’ve got my sights set on a slew of Thurlow shorts this summer. Hopefully I can get at least one done this month…

    • Thank you 🙂 I saw your Tiramisu this morning, I love the colour. I have that pattern on the way to me and plenty of fabrics in my stash to choose from. With the Wellington Blogger Girls we are planning to each sew a Cake pattern next month and then go for high tea and cake at the end of July 😉

  6. Thanks again for mentioning me little indie pattern list! I’m morphing it into a single PDF file with additional info: 1) country of origin, and 2) if they ship internat’l, is it $ or $$$.

    If I’ve not thought of something, would be most pleased if you’d let me know. Thanks!

    Hint for cheaper US shipping:
    Am noticing US companies with $$$ shipping aren’t using USPS (US Postal Service) cheapest rate, which gets you an online tracking # until it leaves US soil. If you’re ok with that, you might ask if they’d ship to you that way. And if you’d let me know if anyone will… you-know-where it’ll be listed!
    (I’ve a great Sydney-sider mate, & never had probs shipping to her that way.)

    Thanks again!


  7. Love the Robson coat–especially the awesome lining. You will have to go around like a flasher flinging your coat open at unsuspecting strangers just to show off that lining! 😉

    • When I first had it at work I took it off and one of the guys said “Woah! I hope that’s the inside!” so I said, “No, this is the outside!” haha, I love a good surprise lining and I do wear it open sometimes since it is so warm and people do look 🙂

  8. super post! I guess we can justify the price of them patterns say $30 which is what you would pay in a cheap chain store for a jacket made in a sweatshop that would only last you a season..thats how I am justifying it to myself right now anyway…as I make my first indie pattern purchases. I love all of your projects here and am excited to get amongst. thank you for sharing 🙂

    • That is a good way to look at it. When I finally bought the Papercut Watson I was thinking I would end up with an amazing coat that I will love forever so out came the credit card 😉

  9. The Rooibos is amazing! If I had a dress like that, I would want to wear it every day, probably in wintertime with leggings and a cardigan or something and during summer just as is, with some nice shoes! Hope you find a way to make it work for you!

  10. I love your choices. Also, similar to mine! 🙂 Just wanted you to know that your Rooibos, and Lladybird’s, are what inspired me to purchase the pattern. Lovely work! For mine, I have the FBA done and the mock-up cut out, just need to stitch it up and fit… I have been side-tracked on the Thurlow pattern. I finished the mock-up (shorts) last night and it fits. Yay!

    • Aww thanks, I am flattered that I inspired you and to be included in the same sentence as Lladybird, yay, internet-high-five! 😀

      I have the Thurlow pattern high on my list (mostly because I can never find good pants for work) so looking forward to seeing your shorts version.

  11. I wish I wasn’t so busy this month to be able to join in this sew-along… next time! So far I have only used sewaholic patterns – I have a half made minoru disaster (no one told me these patterns include seam allowances!) and 4 renfrews and more in the back of my mind! I am tempted by a couple of the grainline patterns next…

  12. I’m busy with Megan nielsen’s Kelly skirt right now. I’ve made sewaholic’s Cordova jacket, megan nielsen’s briar, and Colette’s laurel and ginger. I have a few more in my stash from Colette, Sewaholic, victory, and Jamie Christina.
    I really love your Rooibos dress! I sometimes use photoshop for color blocking. Very handy.

  13. Last month I ordered a few Deer and Doe patterns (my first indie patterns ever!) and I sewed one of them, the Datura Blouse. I uploaded a post about it last night btw. I doubted wether I would have time to join your Indie pattern month, but I guess I can find some fime to sew a pretty Belladone. 🙂 I’m so excited about that dress!

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