Sometimes, like when you are frantically trying to finish a dress to wear to a mid-Winter Christmas afternoon/dinner with lots of sewing friends at which you have promised to wear said dress, it is easier to leave the kitten blissfully playing with whatever* it is that has distracted her long enough away from attacking your hands for you to continue the painstaking slow and careful hand-stitched hemming:

And when she got tired of that there was a handy bag of fabric scraps hanging under the cutting table, pre-warmed by the morning sun, to curl up inside. She seemed to know exactly the best time to hop inside and judging by the perfect kitty circle she settled into I suspect this is not the first time she has discovered this sleeping spot:

*No actually important sewing patterns were harmed in the taking of these photos. This particular pattern sheet is for present wrapping…and now, apparently, kitten distraction. Also yes I know I shouldn’t be teaching her that it’s ok to play in pattern tissue but she was having so much fun. Don’t you worry, this is the only pattern tissue she’ll get her paws on…touch wood…

And since you have all been so patient while I selfishly indulge myself with cat photos here is a sneak peak of me putting the final touches on my completed secret Indie project…the Lady Grey coat will now resume…



31 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. I’m so curious! And the kitten posts are always so funny to read!
    By the way, you hooked me up with the burda board on Pinterest. Can you invite me for the Indie pattern board? I’d love to put something on it! My username is Rachelvdbp.

    • Oh I was having a strange day that day, I invited quite a few people to the wrong board by accident! Pinterest was giving me weird errors and I was getting frustrated. Sorry, have re-invited you now 🙂

  2. I love how cats can always find the craziest, but best, sleeping spots! Imagine being a kitten and snuggling down in a soft, warm bag of fabric scraps where nobody can see you. Bliss.

  3. Ahhhhh, gratuitous Harri photos!!! Now, I can relax. Adorbs, adorbs, adorbs, she is a keeper! Can’t wait to see your Lady Grey coat, didn’t know what your secret project was till now!!

  4. Harri is just too cute, look at that sweet little face! My kitty doesn’t show much interest in sewing things, perhaps because she was only introduced to it a few years ago (as she’s from my boyfriend). My previous cat loved fabric – always sat on top of it when I wanted to start cutting out!

  5. Cats like to help with sewing and seem to usually sit right on what you are sewing. I think you will have trouble keeping a pattern away from your beautiful cat. Your photos really captured her playing. SMILE.
    Love Leanne

  6. Hehe adorable! I am sure Harri will obey all sewing room rules in the future.=D I can’t wait to see what this is. Those buttons are cute!

  7. I don’t have a cat, and although they are cute as pie, I’m happy there is no distraction from sewing…
    And can I say, I just loooooooooooooooove those buttons for your Lady Grey!

  8. Love Harri – absolute splitting image of my two – Blossom and Minuit. In fact my two( sisters) look so alike I have only one wearing a collar so I can tell them apart. Both little darlings love to help me sew. Blossom in particular rescues my empty cotton reels from the bin and takes them away as her “chasie” toy – they roll and she fetches them. Which is lovely until she plays fetch at 3 am!

    • It’s so funny that you mention the empty thread reels. Harri loves to retrieve them too, she carries it out of the room in her mouth like a prize, but they are so noisy on the timber floors! 🙂

  9. Sorry, since you showed me photos of your baby, I am no longer interested in your sewing. Too gorgeous. More please. xxx

  10. God I love cats, my Maple loves to sit on top of my sewing machine and happened unthread my serger threads with his tail. Funniest moment from the last week was when he tried to step from my sewing machine to my serger by stepping on a very sturdy looking pile of fabric, hehehe which fell over and he looked quite put out.

    I love the fact Harri is sleeping in a scrap bag, cats find the most adorable sleeping places =]

    • Hehe, Harri tried to make a jump for the bench yesterday via the bin, but it’s a flip top one so she ended up completely missing her target and then giving the bin the most grumpy stare! 🙂

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