Ottobre Winners!

I am running a little behind myself right now, sorry for not posting this on Monday, or Tuesday…or Wednesday 😉

So I tried my hardest to have Harri help with the draw for these magazines but on Sunday, after flea and worming treatment she was not impressed with me at all. I tried again Monday evening but it was just too dark for a decent photo or video.

Right then, good old fashion and reliable random number generator it is:

Congratulations Aleah! I hope you enjoy your copy of Ottobre Autumn/Winter 2011 🙂

Click for more preview images


Congratulations Neurula, you get to enjoy a copy of Ottobre Spring/Summer 2012 🙂

Click for more preview images

I’ll be in contact soon for you contact details, thank you everyone for entering, happy sewing!

footer_kiwi walking love copy


4 thoughts on “Ottobre Winners!

  1. Oooooh, I’m so excited! Thank you so much for running the contest! It’s even cooler that it’s going to travel so far to get to me! Bettern hone my tracing skills…

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