Indie round up: Hello Heather from Heather’s Hobbies!

It’s time for another fabulous blogger interview. If you missed the last few check out the amazing Penny of Dresses and MeLizzie of Busy Lizzie and  Rachel of House of Pinheiro.

Today we get to chat with Heather of Heather’s Hobbies.

Hi Heather!

What do you like the most about sewing with indie patterns?

As a newer sewist, I really appreciate the extra level of detail and thought that are put in the patterns. Sizing of indie patterns tends to be much more real world than the Big Four. There are often online tutorials, instructions for common fitting problems and alternate hems, sleeves, or pockets. I have even contacted a designer directly with a question and received a response practically immediately. Even though the issue was user error, it was nice to know that I could contact a real human being about my question.

What’s your favourite Indie pattern, and why?

I really like both of the Washi dresses I have made. Maybe it is because they are so playful. Yes, both of them are a bit on the silly side, but I love the easy fit of the dress and it offers endless possibilities for dressing up or down depending on the fabric chosen and accessories worn with it. I’m not dropping any hints here, but it would also be a super cute maternity dress.

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What’s your favourite thing you’ve made from an indie pattern?

I really love my newest make, Deer and Doe’s Belladone Dress. The fabric is just beautiful, and the back detail turned out very nicely.

Which is your favourite indie pattern company, and why?

I tend to sew a lot of Colette’s patterns. I think this is mostly because they have such a wide selection.

I haven’t sewn their patterns yet, but I really like the classic lines of the Sewaholic designs. These seem to be items that every woman could use in their closet.

Which indie pattern are you planning on making next?

The Hawthorn dress by Colette is next in the queue. I have always like the idea of a shirt dress, but this one seems to be the first one I’ve seen with enough shape to really fit the way I want it to.

I would also like to begin the muslin fitting for the Robson Coat. We’ll see which one wins out when I actually sit down to sew the next time.

What indie patterns are on your wish list?

Sewaholic’s Cordova jacket is high on the list.

Papercut pattern’s Ooh la la leggings run a close second.

Thank you!  I feel so honored!

You’re welcome Heather, thank you for being fabulous. I really love your Belladone, wow, I really need to make my version up, every time I see one I fall in love with that pattern all over again! 🙂

Who will we meet next? Stay tuned!

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