Ohh Cake, mmm cake!

This post will be quick because SandraJo and Maryanne have already done an excellent job of explaining the ‘Cake Day’ plan.

The WSBN discuss many things and come up with lots of great ideas, like this, and this.

I can’t even remember when or how this one originated but a mass online pattern order was made and now this July we’re all going to sew a pattern from the Cake line up.

At the end of the month we will crash Sandra’s for a BYO high tea where we will all wear our Cake and eat cake.

Could this plan be any more awesome?

Well I’m glad you asked because yes, yes it can. We inviting the internet to join us!

Got a Cake pattern in in your stash? Already made yourself some Cake? Or just have a super pretty dress that you need an excuse to wear?

Find some other local sewing peeps, or go stag, have some yummy cake and take a photo of you with your cake, in your Cake (or pretty dress).

It’s all happening on July 28th, come join us!

It’s going to be like a mass online party, with lots of Cake and cake. Please post plenty of photographic evidence of your “Cake Day” and have heaps of fun 🙂

I have the Tiramisu and Cabarita to choose from, plus plenty of appropriate fabric in my stash, it’s going to be so hard to decide which pattern and in which fabric!

footer_kiwi with needle1

4 thoughts on “Ohh Cake, mmm cake!

  1. Oh fabulous!! I will be participating (remotely as it’s a tad far to travel and/or swim) and am going to be sewing up my Cake Cabarita that I did not finish for Indie Pattern month. AND, I get to eat cake while blogging it. All good. 🙂

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