Indie round up: Hello Sarah from Sew Love Tea Do!

Who is next in line for our Indie lovers interview?

It’s fellow Kiwi Sarah of Sew Love Tea Do!


 If you missed the last few interviews, here is where to read about their awesomeness:

Hi Sarah!

Hello Mel, shucks thank you I am so pleased that you’re asking ME 🙂 xx

What do you like the most about sewing with indie patterns?

I’m a newbie to indie patterns, having always been a vintage pattern lover. I am so grateful for the girls who introduced indie pattern month to me, as I have found a wondrous new world to support. I found the indie patterns I have sewn so far really clear and easy to follow. I particularly love the fresh clean NEW look of them, uncrinkled papers and bonus in full squares – a complete contrast sorting out dishevelled old opp shopped patterns.

What’s your favourite Indie pattern, and why?

I see huge potential in reworking some vintage textiles with the Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse. I’m looking at making it without the frills, with only some frills, shorter crop top and also longer as a tunic. It’s these simpler sews that you really can go wild with found textiles and interesting colours/patterns that may be small offcuts screaming ‘rescue me’ on their way to the bin – exactly my kinda sewing.

(Click on any image to learn more)

What’s your favourite thing you’ve made from an indie pattern?

Style wise I really really love my wolf pants (Peter & The Wolf Pants from Papercut Patterns). Although I had a few troubles with my strange(?) crotch/seat shape hehe, I LOVE the finished product and am excited for round 2 and round 3 and many more to come.


I am adding in Sarah’s Cutesy Lil Capelet (a free pattern from Peppermint Magazine drafted by the amazing Sandra, a sewing buddy of mine from Perth) because even though it’s a late entry for Indie Pattern Month (says she who is still working on her lady Grey!) it is too cute not to share!

Which is your favourite indie pattern company, and why?

I don’t have a ‘favourite’ yet but I would have to say, Papercut Patterns really excites me like no other pattern ever has (that includes vintage gems). From arrival, to unravelling, layout, design, the cute hanger/box/booklet packaging. I think they are awesome at showing that sewing is fun, funky, modern, ok modern isn’t a nice modern sounding word – & I want to say hip without sounding like my dad. Cool, perhaps cool is the word. I am all for getting more young people into sewing, inspiring the next generation to pick up age old skills rather than head straight to the mall. So, thanks to spunky products like Papercut Patterns, sewing definitely can hold some street cred. AND kiwi made, LOVE IT!

Which indie pattern are you planning on making next?

I am super keen to jump onto the Victoria Blazer sew along over at byhandlondon. It will be my first sew along actually 🙂 The blazer looks like it would be a go-to garment through all seasons, and I have loved the makes I have seen already through my ‘sewing crew’ list in my bloglovin’. I am excited to see how I can break it down, to colour block it up of course. I am thinking of making a match to my wolf pants, a patterned two piece would be so much fun.

What indie patterns are on your wish list?

I really like the look of the Victory Pattern Lola, I have been collecting lots of colourful sweatshirting and think they are totally destined for some snuggly dresses before the winter here is through …in saying that, as it is soon to be spring (its not, but I like to think its near) I am on the prowl for a new shorts pattern…

Thanks so mcuh for arranging, it was a fun kick up the butt to really get me sewing some new things& great to explore a new realm of patterns I had never really known before. Bless ya! xx

Wow Sarah, you are most very welcome. I learnt about some great new pattern companies too and saw so much inspiration. Also Kat and I both have a seriously huge sewing crush on your Peter and the Wolf pants! Ohh! 🙂

Are you enjoying our sewing interviews and getting some great inspiration? Stay tuned for a few more…


5 thoughts on “Indie round up: Hello Sarah from Sew Love Tea Do!

  1. Yay, so glad you’ve discovered the fun world of indie patterns! 🙂

    I can totally see you in that Lola dress – go on, make it! (Also, Penny has just got them instore at Dresses and Me, so they ship from NZ, so you’ll definitely get it in plenty of time to make up before winter has gone. 🙂

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