Tasty fabric

I am still working on my Lady Grey (and I’ve put the rainbow swallows shirt dress back on Scarlett for fitting), but the progress didn’t happen on the weekend quiet like I hoped then to top things off I was a silly girl and banged my head (and strained almost all the muscles in my neck) on Monday night so my evenings of Me-sewing also aren’t happening this week!

After my headache finally settled down I cheered myself up by doing some Tiramisu fabric fondling last night.

When I can’t actually sew, I like to mentally sew instead 😉

Fabric makes me happy and my stash contains many suitable Tiramisu fabrics.

I joked with the WSBN girls at lunch on Monday that I probably have about 40 pieces to choose from…they gasped and giggled…but actually it wasn’t far off the truth!

I have narrowed it down to three:

What do you think?

From left to right: First up is a “phony Missoni” from Fabric.com, it cost about $14.00 per meter. I really love this fabric, it is a slightly smaller scale pattern than I’ve shown in my mock up. I worry about matching the zig-zags but I have heaps of fabric, about 3.6 meters, which means I will hopefully have enough leftover for a skirt too. I’ve wanted a Missoni style knit for aaages and I love the colours so I want to make sure it ends up with the right sewing pattern. This could be it but will the zig zags do weird things to my ladies?

Next is the newest stash addition – a $6.00 per meter pink jersey with sparkly stripes I picked up during our failed Levana trip from Arthur Toye in Palmerston North. I love the tone of pink but I only have 2 meters. However, based on what the other WSBN girls have said, I think I could squeeze it out of that. It feels really soft and slinky, the stripe is a nice scale and, well, SPARKLES! But could it potentially end up a bit pyjama-like?

Last is a black and white jersey that was only $3.00 per meter from Fabric Warehouse Pop Up Store – I like that the pattern changes widths, so it doesn’t look like prison garb and I could put the smaller stripes at my hips and waist for potential slimming effect. I have over 4.5 meters (I only paid for 3 so technically that’s $2.00 per meter and this could mean a dress for under $5.00 plus plenty left over for a top too) plenty of allowance for stripe matching. Plus it will look great with bright coloured tights and boots for winter or a pretty cardi in spring.

I think I know which I will go with but I love them all. I canvassed the WSBN for their opinions but I think that might have made the decision even harder! So now I am curious for your opinion.

Lets have a vote and let me know what you think in the comments.

I can’t promise I’ll listen but a pretty Tiramisu will show up by July 28th! 😉

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16 thoughts on “Tasty fabric

  1. So much sympathy on the head bang. I whacked mine not that long ago by standing up under a cupboard door and yup, hurt my neck while I was at it. Oww!

    Your mental sewing is cool, wish I had the photoshop skills!

  2. While I’m usually a big fan of zigzags, I have to say go with the black and white variegated stripe. I love the pattern placement you’ve done in the mockup – so flattering and interesting!

  3. In order: Missoni, black & white stripes, pink stripes. Love your idea with the black & white stripes, but the Missoni would look so fun!

  4. i really like the variant striped fabric. I think it will def give you an hourglass figure. Also the different sized stripes add a ton of interest to a classic silhouette.

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