Indie round up: Hello Catja from Gjeometry!

Before you check out my last interview wrapping up Indie pattern month have you popped over to The Monthly Stitch and voted for Septembers challenge yet? It’s a close one, I won’t tell you which challenge theme is winning just yet but you have until the 31st to have your say.

Right, on to the interview: today is Catja of Gjeometry’s turn!


If you missed the last few interviews, here is where to read about their awesomeness:

Hi Catja!

What do you like the most about sewing with indie patterns?

The fact that the patterns are relevant. Often the indie designers have their own blog as well as chat on Twitter, so they are listening to what sewists are actually sewing and wearing as well as heeding advice about what sewists like and dislike about a sewing pattern. They are designing more with the average sewist in mind who is as much interested in the fit as in the style

What’s your favourite Indie pattern/favourite indie pattern company, and why?

I have not sewn enough indie sewing patterns to have a favourite sewing pattern or designer…yet. But, stay tuned! I now have so many wonderful independent designers and patterns on my radar and I plan on immersing myself in a whirlwind of sewing these up.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve made from an indie pattern?

Favourite indie patterns I’ve sewn, to date, are:

Frankenpattern mash-up between Sewaholic’s Tofino pants and Downtown DIY Sewing Lazy Morning PJ bottoms

(Click on any image to learn more)

Chic and Simple Trench Coat by Christine Hayes 

Fleecy Hoody by Sew Liberated (from Craftsy, Sewing With Knits course)

Edit 30.07.2013: Catja has also made the fabulous Cabarita!

Which indie pattern are you planning on making next?

Indie patterns that I plan on making next: Sewaholic Crescent Skirt;

What indie patterns are on your wish list?

Deer and Doe Reglisse Dress and Airelle Blouse; By Hand London Elisalex Dress (and I’m going to do the Tulip skirt version that everybody seems to be shying away from!)

Thanks so much to you and Kat for hosting this terrific sewalong! I’ve learned about so many new indie sewing pattern designers and just can’t wait to get started sewing them!


Thank you Catja, it was awesome to have you sewing along with us. I am excited to see your Elisalex dress, I know you’ll put your own special spin on it and it will be fabulous! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Indie round up: Hello Catja from Gjeometry!

  1. I have been enjoying Gjeomety Catja’s blog & really like her Indie makes, especially Christine Haynes Animal Print Trench Coat & Cake Pattern’s Cabarita Top. I then followed her over to Curious Kiwi & I’m so glad that Curious Kiwi had this sewalong so that I could see what everyone else makes as well.

    • Thanks very much Josie! You know, Kitty is still desperately auditioning for your band. (never gets old 🙂 ). I’m going to be making the Christine Haynes Trench Coat again, but as a raincoat. I’m going to eliminate the cuffs I added and use push/hammer on snaps down the front to keep it closed. I just need to find waterproof fabric.

      Have you also seen the Pinterest group that Mel and Kat set up? It has a bunch of Indie makes in it, the link is here:

      • I will look forward to seeing the raincoat. That’s a great idea. Tell kitty that the pussy cats will let him audition & join in any time he wants.

      • I came to the library to see the pinterest group since it is much faster here than at home. I really have enjoyed looking at all the creations . It’s great to see what everyone has made & get some ideas & it is an inspiration for the rest of us to try more patterns. Thank you for setting up this post & thanks to gjeometry catja for recommending it.

  2. this is such an interesting idea. I have not done much sewing & what I have made I used the major company patterns. It is nice to know that there are so many other great patterns out there & I especially like that I will be able to get information & help from the pattern makers. I also like being able to see what other sewers have made & finding their comments & opinions very useful.

    • Me too, I really like that you can ask questions on their blogs or via twitter and that there are often sewalongs and/or tutorials for many of the patterns. It’s very personal.

  3. Lovely interview.

    I’m curious… do you guys find that indie pattern designers/companies come up with bolder, more “out there” designs, or do you think they tend to go the other way and develop simple patterns that just work well?

    Thanks. Great blog.

    • Hi Jeff, thanks for stopping by, it’s interesting that you ask that since the WSBN have been discussing that recently – we’re actually a bit worried that some of the more recent releases from a few of the more popular indie brands have been a bit, ummm…simple…for our tastes. I think simple and easy is already over catered for with the Big 4 etc so I believe the indie companies should take the initiative to give us those bolder designs. They also have the online following so that they can guide us with sew along and tutorials to help us with more complicated sewing.

      Personally I am concerned that perhaps sewing is being dumbed down a little where as I am all for arming people with tutorials and other resources and then just giving something a go.

      Having said that, there are plenty of other indie companies giving me what I need so I like that we can pick and choose.

      • That’s interesting, I was wondering myself if some of the newer patterns I’ve seen seemed similar to patterns we are actually learning to draft in Patternmaking class (and it is an intro to patternmaking, nothing fancy!) Perhaps the companies should have categories, like the Big 4, such as ‘beginner’, intermediate, advanced, etc. so then they can still cater to brand new sewists, but not alienate those that are looking for a challenge and something much more unique.

        • To be honest that’s probably the reason why I haven’t bought that many indie patterns. Most of them are variants on patterns I already have that I could tweak a bit to get the design details I’m in love with. I’m confident of tweaking patterns, or even some wholesale redrafting. Even the tiramasu I was longing for on your blog, when it comes down to it, is really fairly simple. Although the way she’s drafted the different sizes looks worth trying.
          I’d LOVE some more challenging and unusual things available with the uniqueness and flair that Indie patterns tend to have that the Big 4 so often lack.

  4. . What a great idea interviewing other sewers & seeing what they have made. Catja has made some really nice outfits & I am enjoying reading her blog too.

  5. Thanks so much Mel, for hosting this great sewalong. I was able to see so many people’s fabulous makes and learn about new and talented designers!

    A few other Indie patterns on my radar are By Hand London Anna dress and the Colette Patterns Hawthorn dress. So many patterns, I cannot decide which to sew first!

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