When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either*

Have you guys seen Papercut’s new Constellation collection yet?

Katie has just released 6 new patterns each with their own variations, and they are now sized from XXS to XL.

Because I am a super-kiwi-fan-girl I’d like to share my picks:

I have to include the Meissa blouse since it is so close to my name…except that actually it’s the star at the head of the Orion constellation…but if you just slip an ‘L’ in there… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have plans for this blouse, they include the use of a sheer with solid collar/cuffs/yoke and some extra darts because that’s how I like my fit.

The Saiph tunic isn’t really me, but I still love it. I can see my sister wearing it and I want to see someone make variation 1 in two-tone, maybe white with a black skirt?

It’s hard to pick between the two jackets, they are both my favourites. I haven’t seen a bomber sewing pattern yet (or at least not one that has caught my attention) – I love the geometric detail at the sleeve head, you could have a lot of fun with that!

And last up is the Bellatrix blazer, classic with a twist, and guess what? I made one! Wanna see?

Yeah you do!

I was overloaded with ideas for this blazer but I decided to go with my initial gut feel and keep my first version classic and versatile. For the shell I used a piece from my stash that I bought way back in 2010 from the Empire Rose sale.

I labelled it as cotton but I suspect it’s actually more linen. It’s a really dark blue, almost black, but it gets better! It has a subtle pinstripe through it that is actually metal filaments so it has this awesome sparkle in the sunlight. It’s a nice twist on classic but I also think it’s the perfect fabric for a star themed blazer. This piece has been biding it’s time in my stash for a while – because the stripes are real metal it needed to be made into something lined, on a cut edge those little buggers are sharp!

For the lining I had this vision of an amazing galaxy fabric. There was no time for trawling on Spoonflower and I didn’tย expect toย find any at my local fabric shopsย but then the first store I walked into I found some within 5 minutes. I was so excited I actually skipped to the cutting counter and I didn’t care what anyone thought! ๐Ÿ˜‰
If I make a jacket that is neutral in colour I can’t help but stick in a super bright lining. Instead this time I made my pocket bags from a colourful silk remnant so at least I had some colour hidden somewhere.
In my little sewing world I like to experiment and if I am making it myself I tend to be more brave.ย My usual style would have seen me sew up variation 1 – I prefer my tops and jackets long –ย but I loved the angles more on var. 2 so I went with that.

Even through this is a fully lined blazer, it stitched up quick! The shawl collar and single button helps but also the sleeves went in so easily.

This is my second Papercut garment (I have a finished La Sylphide that is awaiting photographs and a second in the works) so it’s no fluke.

I could gush at you all day about Katie’s amazing pattern drafting and construction.ย Recently I developed a bit of a sleeve phobia. Every sleeve I set in these days has so much excess sleeve head that I end up with a puffy sleeve no matter how it’s supposed to look or how I insert it. It usually take me 3 or 4 attempts until I am happy and I find it really frustrating. I can’t decide if it’s lazy drafting or if I should be insulted they expect we have such little skill we need all that excess fabric to play with.

Ok /end rant ๐Ÿ˜ก

Seriously though, I didn’t even need to baste these puppies in, perfect, first time, both sides, happy kiwi!

Aaaaand it’s an easy make. I think that even an advanced beginner could make this blazer. Hence the title of my post, sometimes you just have to give something a go, push yourself to learn.ย Katie’s instructions are so good, you won’t even realise that you’ve sewn those welt pockets until after you’re done! Honest.

Easiest welt pockets ever!

So, what do you think of the new patterns? Thinking of buying one, two, all of them? ๐Ÿ˜‰ They are on sale until November 15th so pop on over and have a look.


Pattern –ย Papercut Patterns Bellatrix blazer (Constellation Collection), variation 2, size M (pattern testing)

Fabric โ€“ย 

  • Shell: Cotton/Linen with metallic filament pin stripe – Empire Rose, Perth (bought April 2010, $7.00/m)
  • Lining: Satin, Spotlight, Porirua

Other notions – 1 metal shank button, from stash

*Leo Burnett

52 thoughts on “When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either*

  1. Great job on the blazer – it looks spectacular on you! The metallic pinstripes are a great twist on a wardrobe basic & really makes it your own & unique. And that lining fabric is perfect! I love it when you find the exact fabric you want without spending forever on your search.

  2. I was admiring how perfect this jacket fits you, loving the structure, and then I scrolled down to the lining. LOVE! You must be so happy with this project, really really lovely.

  3. Just like everyone else I have to tell you how awesome this looks! It suits you really well, is a great classic style, well made and don’t get me started on that lining. So cool, well done!

  4. All their new patterns are great and your blazer looks wonderful! I love the lining, it is so appropriate. I guess fabric shops around the world will have a high demand in star-themed fabrics soon!

  5. Thanks for posting! I’d seen the blazer photo but not the technical drawing, and kinda dismissed it. But now I see the design lines, it’s really cool. Definitely one to make!

  6. Stunning jacket Mel, gorgeous inside and out. Test garments for this collection are starting to pop up around the Internet, can’t wait to see more.

  7. When I received the email from Katie about her new collection, I looked at it, but it didn’t really catch my eye. I really skipped over this wonderful blazer! I’ve seen it mentioned on other blogs, but I haven’t seen it made. It’s nice to see it made. I love this. I’m really looking forward to getting the pattern and making this up!

    • Ohh yay, I’m so glad I helped you see this pattern’s potential – I already have fabric pulled out for my next version – now that I’ve worn it a few more times I neeeed another ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Wow Mel awesome blazer! I love the pattern and you sewed it so beautifully. I would have skipped with you to the counter, great lining fabric. I really like Shawl collars on a jacket, they make them so much less stuffy and “officey” .

    • Ohh yes this is my favourite kind of collar – much faster too – I was worried about how it would sit but I doubled up the interfacing on the collar as per the instructions and it sits beautifully!

  9. You sly little kiwi you! The blazer was the first thing to hit my shopping cart the moment I received the email from Katie. I too am in love with Papercut Patterns and that she is local … tooo AWESOME! I love your fabric and your lining and the the fit is stunning. It has sewn up true to the line drawing – variation 2 is my fav. I can’t wait to get mine now ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Whoa! this looks fantastic – such clever tailoring skills and the lining fabric is fun! I do like the look of the new patterns, particularly the tunic (and it’s so great to know they are made here). Please do road-test them all for us!

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