WSBN Arthur Toye Wake

Last Friday a few of the WSBN gathered outside Arthur Toye on their final day of trading for a last bargain grab followed by lunch – a kind of wake if you will.

I wore my Le Wise La Sylphide since I bought the owl fabric from AT. Some of the other girls also wore makes from AT fabric.

Jo, Joy, Nikki, Kristelle, Teresa, Myself and Sandra

I’m not sure how long Arthur Toye have been in New Zealand, or Wellington, ages I suspect, but the owner is retiring and closing each store throughout the country as their leases expire.

We have other great fabric stores in Wellington but AT was within walking distance of my office. They had a great fabric selection and I found their quality and prices reasonable. I will miss sneaking past on my way back from meetings and their amazing 50% off sales.

I guess my bank account will thank them!

Since the news broke I’ve already had several visits to AT (and a sneaky visit to AT Palmerston North where I made my little sister also spend money on fabric and patterns, heh heh!) so there wasn’t a lot of stock left I was interested in but for this final visit I came away with two items:

Blue shirting with a little bit of elastane, to make a trial business shirt for NH
Black and white chevroned cotton sateen for the stash

So now guess I’ll have to satisfy my mid-week fabric cravings with the odd lunchtime mission out to Fabric Warehouse or Global-that-was (now known as The Fabric Store).


Goodbye Arthur Toye, thanks for being awesome.

4 thoughts on “WSBN Arthur Toye Wake

  1. It was a sad day when AT closed in Tauranga – you were lucky to have the Welly one for longer. What is sadder is that nobody is opening fabric shops to replace AT we have lost so many great stores. Spotlight does not count as you have to be so careful about quality there.

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