Electric Blueberry Coppélia

It’s been a while since Kat and I unleashed the Papercut Fangirl Twinsies 😉

So we decided it was time for a pair of Coppélias.

You might notice that our versions look a little different from each other.

When we decide on a twinsies pattern we don’t really discuss how we are each going to interpret it. We might share a sneak peek of our fabric choice but generally we sew them separately to suit our individual tastes and then see what happens when we meet up for photos!

It’s more fun that way.

So you get to see Kat’s striped version with short sleeves and my solid coloured version with lengthened ties and bodice.

The Coppélia stitched up quickly on my 4-threads-of-awesomeness overlocker and I hardly needed to look at the instructions (I mostly just glanced at the diagrams) because this is super easy to make.

Then it sat for a while in the corner because I wasn’t really sure if I liked it.

I just couldn’t get it to sit nice when I tried it on and the back felt really big on me. When I tied it up my side seams came forward and I had a lot of bunching at the back.

After we had some time apart I picked it up out of the naughty corner and added two long vertical darts in the back and that helped a little but the arms were still quite big at the top and very long.

I gave up and decided I would just see what Kat (and photographer Nikki) would have to say.

They both agreed that the problem was quite simple, I cut it too big…and once said out aloud everything clicked! It was even more obvious when tried on Kat’s XS (I cut an S) and it fitted perfectly…after Kat helped me dress…haven’t quite gotten the knack of it yet.

So, all is good and I will make another, soon, because it was so quick and didn’t need much fabric…plus I love speeding on my overlocker, it makes NH nervous 😉

Also this happened:


These photos were taken in front of the Executive Wing of New Zealand Parliament Building…or Beehive to the locals. It’s a beautiful spot on a sunny day to have lunch and take long overdue sewing photos.

There are also lots of huge Pohutukawa trees…so we did some tree climbing, in heels, because, yeah… 🙂

Check out Kat’s Strawberry Shortcake Coppélia here.


Pattern – Papercut Coppélia, size S, lengthened 10cms, lengthened ties.

Next time I will cut an XS, lengthen another 5cms (15cm in total) and possibly shorten the sleeves.

Fabric – 1.30m of 154cm wide mystery electric blue stretchy fabric from Arthur Toye, purchased November 2013 for $24.95/m – 50% discount.

Big thank you to Nikki for being our lunchtime photographer.

PS: If you feel like it, I’d love you pop over the Pattern Review a vote for my Megan Nielson Cotton Candy Culottes in the New To Me Pattern Co. Contest.

14 thoughts on “Electric Blueberry Coppélia

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  2. This is one of my most favouritest colours in the world! And it looks lovely on you. But yes,it does look a little big! I hope you find a way to remake it or wear it because the colour is too pretty to not wear!

  3. Those photo bombers crack me up big time!! Also the Coppelias look lovely! I’ve been eyeing up the pavlova ballet top and thinking of making that for a while – have you sewn the Pavlova? Or should I indulge in another pattern and buy the Coppelia?

    • This will make me sound like a total fan girl (like I’m not already, haha) but I prefer the Coppelia because (just my personal taste) I think the Pavlova crosses over too high and just a little bit too “covered” for me – does than even make sense? Even though I might have to wear a singlet under it the Coppelia just looks more feminine

  4. It looks really nice, and the pattern is a really great wardrobe staple. The colour is great, and when you make a smaller one it will look (even more) smashing! I just went to PR to vote.

  5. HA ! Awesome photobomb. That makes me so happy ! On another plus note, I think the sleeves look so comfy and a blanket for your hands, will be good for winter.

  6. Climbing on trees outside parliament – you deserve to be photobombed 🙂 The top is definitely a fab colour and this length really suits you, but Kat’s smaller size was definitely the one to cut.
    Lunchtime meets for photos are cool!

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