The Little Traveler – Bernina 125

The Bernina 125 rode home in the boot with good company. It’s not the longest journey she’s taken…

I knew very little about this machine when I put a $20 bid on it. It looked a little bit like Bernina’s response to the Grasshopper but with zig zag.

I spotted the “Serviced by” sticker in the online photos – Paraparaumu (that’s about a 45 minute drive north of Wellington) and a 5 digit telephone number. These little windows into time always make me smile.

I’ve owned it now two years and sad to say I don’t know much more other than reading somewhere that this model may have been Bernina’s first zig-zag machine.

More investigation is needed.

She runs beautifully and came with LOTS of accessories:

There’s a white button in this photo above. I already owned 6 identical white buttons still attached to their original card.

As well as the accessory tray she also has a slide on extension table.

It has a little set of legs that fold down for stability. You can just see the hinges on the short edge but I discovered those after I took these photos!

The most exciting accessory was the original instruction manual which is all in German.

I found a pdf of the English manual online that is exactly the same inside which helped me translate the guarantee page. If this manual does belong to this machine it was apparently purchased in Buchs (Switzerland?) on the 25th of August 1951.

So, she’s very well traveled!

Some more photos here.


10 thoughts on “The Little Traveler – Bernina 125

      • Using one, don’t you have an idea how to start sewing with it…? I just got one (unfortunately not that nice condition) and though the engine has a nice sound, and that I already saw it spindle, I can not make her start stitching. Should it be that simple just to start pressing the foot controller…? Or maybe there is some trick I don’t know yet. Thx, Viktoria

  1. My very first sewing machine was handed on to me by my mother and had the arm on the front just like yours and it was green. Loved your post.

  2. It’s not their first zig-zag but their first portable (aka not built into a table) machine. I have a 125 Jubilae and the stitching is great quality. I’m not 100% sure what the difference between yours and the Jubilae. It’s not the knee control cos both models came with that option.

  3. What a pretty machine with an interesting past! I’m new to collecting vintage sewing machines, so I’m learning from you and so many others about these fascinating machines.

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