the curious kiwi

Singer170th_thecuriouskiwi copyMy name is Melissa and I live in The Coolest Little Capital in the World: Wellington, New Zealand.

I’m an Interior Architect by day and I sew with my son and cat Harriet whenever I can find the time.

I love to nerd out over vintage sewing machines, fabric and buttons.


Other distractions in my life are cooking, cross-stitch, coffee, gardening, renovating a 1960s house, mountain biking and CrossFit…basically I collect hobbies and I really need a time machine.

You can check out my sewing projects here.

I blog for Singer Sewing Australian & New Zealand here.

Welcome to my nerdy little world…


Want to say hi? I love to connect with other sewing nerds and I’d love to hear from you – tell me about your sewing, tell me what you like/don’t like about my blog, ask me a question, make a suggestion or just say “hi” xx .

11 thoughts on “the curious kiwi

    • Hi Maria, as far as I know Patrones only comes in Spanish. I use other similar patterns in my stash (and Burda magazines) to help me with construction order 🙂

  1. Ok, so I finally bought a kids Patrones magazine off ebay after seeing all the fun you (and others) have with their patterns. After trying to decipher what is going on with a funny crotch, my head is about to implode. How do you do it? Do you sew by gut feeling or do you attempt to translate the instructions somehow? Thanks for your advice!

    • I sew mostly by feel, I have a pretty good sense of construction order and if something doesn’t feel right I baste it first, sometimes pieces look weird until you start to shape them by sewing and then it all becomes clear…sometimes 😉 If I am really stuck I try and find a similar patterns instructions in a Burda Mag or online at Patrones do mark notches that should line up as you go but it’s a shame they don’t number their seams like Burda do. Translation sometimes helps with order but it’s quite time consuming typing it up so just jump in and see how you go, good luck xx

  2. Hi,

    Just came across Patrones magazine and think I have finally found what I am looking for! Can you tell me where I could get some back issues from? Oh, I’m in Aus too! Ta.

    • Hi Auntychacha,
      I’m so glad you discovered Patrones through me 🙂 It’s a great magazine and I love getting each issue. I haven’t had much luck finding back issues but sometimes the do come up on ebay. Check out my Magazines page for info on how to subscribe.
      I’ve actually just relocated back to NZ, I am really missing my Aussie sewing friends.

  3. Hi again not sure if my last message got posted so just to say I would love to get i touch and pick your brains about how to get a sewing club up and running here in the couth of Ireland! If you have a spare few minutes after the move I would love to hear from you!

  4. Hi,
    I’am a subcriber to Patrones and love to make my on designer outfits
    The April issue was super and made the white blazer(no buttens), and the white blouse.
    And now I’am waiting for the May issue

    • Isn’t it great to find such fashion-forward designer patterns that we can all make?! I just got my May issue, it is fab! I love the purple blouse with jeans the most! Now I just need to find more sewing time 🙂

      • I also have my may issue last monday!
        And cut the fabric for the flare jeans and skirt 13 (same beige strech jeans 2m). Yesterday I made a bermuda form the Knip April, and now tracing from patrones 292 the blouse 5, coat 2, jacket 23, and skirt25
        So monday I start to sew

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