Archived Project: A is for Apron & M is for Me!

Apr 26, 2010


I got the “A is for Apron” book a little while ago because I am obsessed with aprons but I haven’t made any from it yet…until this week 🙂 Here are two aprons from the book:

The first is called “Deep Pockets” and I made this because it is impossible to own a peg basket in Western Australia (the plastic eventually breaks down from the sun or a Red-back Spider takes up residence amongst the peggy goodness) and I hate having to reach for pegs and end up dropping them when I try to hold too many in one hand while struggling with a queen sized duvet cover. This apron solves all those problems and more, it is great for my back not having to reach down for dropped pegs and it gives me two free hands. I added a little loop at the back so I can hang it in my laundry. The main print is of Tui birds, my favourite and I loved seeing so many of them in the city when I visited my home recently (Wellington, NZ) so I got this fabric while there to remind me, fabric makes the best souvenir!

The second apron is called “Cosmopolitan” and I love the art deco lines, this is a cute apron but next time I will widen the pattern as it is a bit narrow for my liking. I have never made so much bias binding in my life but it was worth the effort because I really like the contrast trim against the cute cutlery fabric. It also has handy pockets.

If you love aprons then you have to get Nathalie’s book, it is on Amazon.

Material Notes

Printed & plain cotton, bias tape maker & iron , thread, 1 button


  • Pattern: A is for Apron by Nathalie Mornu

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