Archived Project: First Shirt Dress

Jan 8, 2010


Here’s my newest project, an easy peasy shirt dress. I love this fabric, I orignally picked it up for the Heidi dress but there was only 2 meters left on the roll and it was too narrow also but I just had to have it. When I got home I was browsing my patterns I thought it would be perfect for Burda 2/2009 Dress 105. The buttons are super cute hexagons, a little bit retro. I might leave the pockets off next time since they kind of puff a little, not super flattering for the tum, might try putting a dome in them, or a button & loop to see if that helps. This is a really easy dress, basically a paneled blouse but longer and I love the seaming and top stitching.

Material Notes

Printed cotton, buttons


  • Fabric & Notions: Spotlight, Innaloo, WA
  • Pattern: Burda 2/2009, Dress 105
  • Photography: My Fiance, Chris

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